Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester

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Diocese of Worcester
Dioecesis Wigorniensis
Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester.svg
Country United States
Territory County of Worcester, Massachusetts
Ecclesiastical province Boston
Metropolitan Boston
Coordinates 42°15′55″N 71°48′24″W / 42.26528°N 71.80667°W / 42.26528; -71.80667Coordinates: 42°15′55″N 71°48′24″W / 42.26528°N 71.80667°W / 42.26528; -71.80667
- Catholics

350,000 (43.8%)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Roman Rite
Established January 14, 1950
Cathedral St. Paul's Cathedral
Patron saint St. Paul
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Bishop Robert Joseph McManus
Metropolitan Archbishop Seán Patrick O'Malley
Archbishop of Boston
Emeritus Bishops Daniel Patrick Reilly Bishop Emeritus (1994-2004)
George Edward Rueger Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus (1987-2005)
Diocese of Worcester map 1.jpg
Cathedral of St. Paul
St. Joseph Basilica, Webster

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the New England region of the United States. The geographic boundaries of the diocese are the same as those of Worcester County, Massachusetts, the geographically largest county of the state of Massachusetts. It is headed by a bishop who has his see at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in the city of Worcester.

Pope Pius XII erected the diocese on January 14, 1950, with territories taken from the neighboring Diocese of Springfield. The fifth and current bishop is Robert Joseph McManus.


Bishops of Worcester[edit]

  1. John Joseph Wright (1950-1959), Bishop of Pittsburgh and later Prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy (elevated to Cardinal in 1969)
  2. Bernard Joseph Flanagan (1959-1983)
  3. Timothy Joseph Harrington (1983-1994)
  4. Daniel Patrick Reilly (1994-2004)
  5. Robert Joseph McManus (2004–present)

Auxiliary bishops[edit]

Bishops who once were priests of the Diocese of Worcester[edit]

Organization of parishes[edit]

In 2004, Bishop Reilly grouped parishes into "clusters".[1][2] The purpose of this system is to allow communities to come together for regional events. Also, priests may substitute for one another at a particular parish.

Associate Pastor/Vicar
Annunciation Parish Gardner Rev. Stephen Lundrigan Rev. Wilmar Ramos
St. John Paul II Southbridge Rev. Kenneth R. Cardinale Rev. Juan G. Herrera
Blessed Sacrament Worcester Rev. Richard Trainor
Christ the King Worcester Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. Sullivan
Good Shepherd Linwood Rev. Lawrence J. Esposito Rev. Daniel Moreno
Holy Cross Templeton (East Templeton) Rev. Patrick Ssekyole
Holy Family Worcester Rev. Steven M. LaBaire
Holy Family of Nazareth Leominster Rev. José A. Rodriguez
Holy Trinity Harvard/Bolton Rev. Terence T. Kilcoyne
Immaculate Conception Lancaster Rev. Thomas H. Hultquist
Immaculate Conception Worcester Rev. Walter J. Riley
Immaculate Heart of Mary Winchendon Rev. Michael Clements
Mary, Queen of the Rosary Spencer Rev. William Schipper
North American Martyrs Auburn Rev. John F. Gee
Our Lady Immaculate Athol Rev. Edwin Montaña
Our Lady of Częstochowa Worcester Rev. Ryszard Polek Rev. Edward Michalski
Our Lady of Good Counsel West Boylston Rev. Thirburse F. Millott
Our Lady of Loreto Worcester Rev. Charles R. Armey
Our Lady of Lourdes Worcester Rev. James B. O'Shea
Our Lady of Mercy (Maronite Eparchy of Brooklyn) Worcester Rev. Paul Mooradd
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel-St. Ann Worcester Rev. Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone
Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Melkite Eparchy of Newton) Worcester Rt. Rev. Paul G. Frechette
Our Lady of the Angels Worcester Rev. Charles F. Monroe
Our Lady of the Assumption Millbury Rev. Daniel R. Mulcahy
Our Lady of the Lake Leominster Rev. C. Michael Broderick Rev. Carlos Ruiz
Our Lady of the Rosary Worcester Rev. Patrick J. Hawthorne
Our Lady of Vilna (historically Lithuanian, currently Vietnamese) Worcester Rev. Peter Tam M. Bui
Prince of Peace Princeton Rev. James J. Caldarella
Sacred Heart of Jesus Hopedale Rev. William C. Konicki
Sacred Heart of Jesus Milford Rev. Richard A. Scioli, CSS Rev. Gregory J. Hoppough, CSS (weekends)
Sacred Heart of Jesus Webster Rev. Adam Reid
Sacred Heart-St. Catherine of Sweden Worcester Rev. George J. Ridick
St. Aloysius Gilbertville Rev. Richard A. Lembo
St. Aloysius-St. Jude Leicester Rev. John M. Lizewiski
St. Andrew Bobola (Polish) Dudley Rev. Krzysztof Korcz
St. Andrew the Apostle Worcester Rev. Msgr. Francis J. Scollen Rev. Richard A. Jakubauskas
St. Ann Oxford (North Oxford) Rev. Michael N. Lavallee
St. Anna Leominster Rev. Frederick D. Fraini, III
St. Anne Ashburnham (South Ashburnham) Rev. John E. Horgan
St. Anne Shrewsbury Rev. John J. Foley Rev. Paul T. O'Connell (Senior Priest)
St. Anne Southborough Rev. Conrad S. Pesevich
St. Anne & St. Patrick (run by Assumptionists) Sturbridge (Fiskedale) Rev. Peter R. Precourt, AA
St. Anthony of Padua Fitchburg Rev. Juan Ramirez
St. Anthony of Padua Dudley Rev. Joseph A. Marcotte
St. Augustine Mission Hardwick (Wheelwright) Rev. Richard A. Lembo
St. Augustine Millville Rev. Lawrence J. Esposito Rev. Daniel Moreno
St. Bernadette Northborough Rev. Ronald G. Falco
St. Bernard @ St. Camillus de Lellis Church Fitchburg Rev. Joseph M. Dolan
St. Boniface Lunenburg Rev. Dennis J. O'Brien (Admin.) Rev. Anthony Mpagi
St. Brigid Millbury Rev. Daniel R. Mulcahy, Jr.
St. Cecilia Leominster Rev. Robert D. Bruso Rev. Erik Asante
St. Christopher Worcester Rev. Stanley F. Krutcik
St. Columba Paxton Rev. Manuel Clavijo
St. Denis Ashburnham Rev. Guillermo "Memo" Ochoa
St. Denis Douglas Rev. Ernest P. Allega
St. Edward the Confessor Westminster Rev. Kevin F. Hartford
St. Francis of Assisi Athol Rev. Edwin Montaña
St. Francis of Assisi (Hispanic) Fitchburg Rev. Emerito Ortiz
St. Francis of Assisi South Barre Rev. James B. Callahan
St. Gabriel the Archangel Upton Rev. Laurence V. Brault
St. George Worcester Rev. Edward D. Niccolls
St. James Grafton (South Grafton) Rev. Edward J. Hanlon
St. Joan of Arc (Hispanic) Worcester Rev. Nelson J. Rivera
St. John Worcester Rev. John F. Madden Rev. Msgr. Edmond T. Tinsley (Senior Priest)
St. John the Baptist East Brookfield Rev. Richard A. Jakubauskas (Admin.) Rec. Donald C. Ouellette
St. John, Guardian of Our Lady Clinton Rev. Joseph M. Nally
St. Joseph Auburn Rev. Paul M. Bomba
St. Joseph Charlton Rev. Robert A. Grattaroti Rev. Donato Infante, III
St. Joseph Fitchburg Rev. Mark Rainville
St. Joseph & St. Pius X Leicester Rev. John M. Lizewski
St. Joseph North Brookfield Rev. Richard A. Jakubauskas (Admin.) Rev. Donald C. Ouellette
St. Joseph Basilica Webster Very Rev. Msgr. Anthony S. Czarnecki
St. Joseph the Good Provider Berlin Rev. Thomas Tokarz
St. Leo Leominster Rev. William E. Champlin
St. Louis Webster Rev. William F. Sanders Rev. Miguel A. Pagan (Spanish Ministry)
St. Luke the Evangelist Westborough Rev. Msgr. Michael G. Foley Rev. Joseph RIce
St. Mark Sutton Rev. Michael A. Digeronimo
St. Martin Mission Templeton (Otter River) Rev. Patrick Ssekyole
St. Mary Grafton (North Grafton) Rev. Leo-Paul LeBlanc
St. Mary Holden (Jefferson) Rev. Timothy M. Brewer
St. Mary Shrewsbury Rev. Msgr. Michael F. Rose
St. Mary Uxbridge Rev. Nicholas Desimone
St. Mary of the Hills Boylston Rev. Manuel A. Clavijo
St. Mary the Assumption Milford Rev. Peter Joyce Rev. Mateus Souza
St. Matthew Southborough Rev. James B. Flynn
St. Patrick Rutland Rev. James Boland
St. Patrick Whitinsville Rev. Tomasz J. Borkowski Rev. Juan D. Echavarria
St. Paul Blackstone Rev. D. Timothy O'Mara
St. Paul Warren Rev. Daniel J. Becker
St. Paul Cathedral Worcester Very Rev. Msgr. Robert K. Johnson (Rector) Rev. Angel R. Matos
St. Peter Northbridge Rev. Thomas G. Landry III
St. Peter Petersham Rev. Edwin Montaña
St. Peter (Hispanic and African-American) Worcester Rev. Msgr. Francis J. Scollen Rev. Charles Omolo
St. Philip Grafton Rev. Leo-Paul LeBlanc
St. Richard of Chichester Sterling Rev. James M. Steuterman
St. Roch Oxford Rev. Michael J. Roy
St. Rose of Lima Northborough Rev. James A. Houston
St. Stanislaus Warren (West Warren) Rev. Daniel J. Becker
St. Stephen Worcester Rev. Stephen LaBaire
St. Theresa Blackstone Rev. Thien X. Nguyen
St. Vincent de Paul Templeton (Baldwinville) Rev. Francis A. Roberge
Our Lady of Providence @ St Bernard's Church Worcester Rev. Jonathan Slavinskas

High schools[edit]

* Operates independent of the Diocese


  • Most Rev. Robert Joseph McManus, STD, Bishop
  • Most Rev. Daniel P. Reilly, DD, Bishop Emeritus
  • Most Rev. George E. Rueger, DD, Retired Auxiliary Bishop
  • Rev. Richard F. Reidy, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia
  • Rev. Msgr. F. Stephen Pedone, JCL, Judicial Vicar
  • Rev. Paul T. O'Connell, JCD, Associate Judicial Vicar
  • Raymond L. Delisle, Chancellor of Operations
  • Rev. Walter J. Riley, Director of Priest Personnel
  • Sister Paula Kelleher, SSJ, Vicar for Religious
  • Rev. Msgr. Robert K. Johnson, Diocesan Master of Ceremonies
  • Rev. James S. Mazzone, Director of Vocations

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