Romang (island)

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Romang Island NASA.jpg
Romang Island seen from space
Maluku Islands en.png
Romang Island in the south of Maluku Islands
LocationSoutheast Asia
ArchipelagoBarat Daya Islands
LanguagesIndonesian, Romang
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Time zone

Romang is an island, part of Barat Daya Islands in Indonesia, located at 7°35′00″S 127°26′00″E / 7.5833333°S 127.4333333°E / -7.5833333; 127.4333333, east of Wetar Island. Alternate names in use are Roma, Romonu and Fataluku.[1] It is included within the Terselatan Islands District (Kecamatan Pulau-Pulau Terselatan) within the Barat Daya Islands Regency of the Maluku Province; the District also includes the smaller (but more highly populated) Kisar Island further south.


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