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National Route 58 shield

National Route 58
Route information
Length: 255.5 km (158.8 mi)
Major junctions
From: National Route 3 / National Route 10 in Kagoshima
To: National Route 330 / National Route 331 / National Route 390 in Naha
Section 1
From: Route 3 / Route 10 in Kagoshima
To: Port of Kagoshima
Section 2
From: Nishinoomote, Kagoshima
To: Minamitane, Kagoshima
Section 3
From: Amami, Kagoshima
To: Setouchi, Kagoshima
Section 4
From: Kunigami, Okinawa
National Route 331
National Route 505
National Route 449
Japan road sign 325.svg Okinawa Expressway
To: Route 330 / Route 331 / Route 390 in Naha, Okinawa
Highway system
National highways of Japan
Expressways of Japan

National Route 58 (国道58号) is a highway in Japan. This very unusual road has continuous numbering over disconnected segments on the islands of Kyūshū, Tanegashima, Amami Ōshima, and Okinawa. The road has a total of 255.5 km on land. It originates in the prefectural capital of Kagoshima in Kagoshima Prefecture and terminates in Naha, the capital of Okinawa Prefecture.

At the northern terminus, Route 58 meets Routes 3 and 10. The segment in the city of Kagoshima measures only about 700 m. The next segment links Nishinoomote, Nakatane, and Minamitane. On Amami Ōshima, the highway connects Amami, Tatsugo, and Setouchi. The final segment starts in Kunigami at the northern tip of Okinawa Island and runs along the west coast to the southern terminus in Naha.