Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award

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Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award
Awarded fora five-year salary enhancement to help recruit or retain scientists in the UK
Sponsored by
Date2000 (2000)-2020 (2020)[1]

The Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award was an award made by the Royal Society from 2000 to 2020.[2][3]

It was administered by the Royal Society and jointly funded by the Wolfson Foundation and the UK Office of Science and Technology, to provide universities "with additional financial support to attract key researchers to this country or to retain those who might seek to gain higher salaries elsewhere."[2] to tackle the brain drain.[1] They were given in four annual rounds, with up to seven awards per round.[1]

In 2020 the scheme was replaced by the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship, described by the Royal Society as providing long-term flexible funding for senior career researchers recruited or retained to a UK university or research institution in fields identified as a strategic priority for the host department or organisation.[4]


Winners of this award (see Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holders) award included:


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