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Rupam Sarmah
Born 15 August
Genres electronic, world, new age, dance, classical, folk
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, music director, arranger, entrepreneur, computer engineer
Instruments Vocals, tabla, percussions, strings, keyboard, piano
Years active 1992–present
Labels RJ Productions International

Rupam Sarmah was born in Jorhat, Assam and has been living in the US since 1992. Rupam is a music director, filmmaker, composer, singer, entrepreneur and a computer engineer. Rupam is a Guinness World Record holder.[1][2] Rupam has directed music[3] and film productions[4][5] in the USA and India. He has also directed feature films and documentaries.[6]

Sarmah has collaborated and recorded songs and music with artists including Dan Aykroyd, Kathy Sledge, Julian Lennon, Janis Ian, Sharon Katz and The Peace Train, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Laura Sullivan, Wouter Kellerman, John Wetton, Patric Moraz, Fiona Joy, Brian Vibberts, Ricky Kej, Padmashree Sumitra Guha, Subhen Chatterjee, Alan Roy Scott, Ken Koshio, Kevin Mackie, Nona Brown, Udit Narayan, Babul Supriyo, Sadhna Sargam, Kumar Sanu, Poornima, Rupankar, Subhamita, Swagatalakshmi Dasgupta, Usha Uthup and many others. He is the founder of social enterprises - One Little Finger Foundation, Idea Incubation, and media production house maZumba[7] for collaborative content creation. In association with maZumba media and entertainment, Rupam has worked on a number of local and international projects including UNESCO-USFUCA, Prerona Spastic Society, Manovikas - Welfare and Rehabilitation Center for the Children with Special Needs, Bhupen Hazarika Foundation.[8][9]

Rupam is currently working on a World Peace Project, Action Moves People United (AMPU) with UNESCO USA as a Producer and Board member in collaboration with artists, authors, and organizations from all around the world. The Project was announced by Guy Djoken, President of UNESCO USA and Heather Caton, Secretary General and President of World Genesis Foundation, on July 17, 2015 in Frederick, Maryland, near Washington D.C., during the first Historic International Nelson Mandela Day for Peace, Justice and Democracy. Some of the people that Rupam and AMPU team collaborated with are Dan Aykroyd, Kathy Sledge, Julian Lennon, Janis Ian, Sharon Katz, DJ Mbenga, Steve Walsh, Colin Andrews, Cosmonaut Dumitru Prunariu and many others.

As a Filmmaker, Producer and Director, Rupam has directed documentaries, short films, and feature films. He has worked with some of the award-winning artists and actors -- Moloya Goswami, Tamela D'Amico, Abhinaya, Jaya Seal, Kushol Chakravarty, Asim Bose, Pabitra Rabha, Rituparna Sengupta, Debashree Roy and others. Rupam is directing a feature film (English) - One Little Finger with a theme of Ability in Disability which is expected to be released later this year.

As an Engineer, Executive, and media professional, Rupam has worked for successful technology startups to top media companies holding Senior Management positions worldwide, designing computer systems and products. For last several years, Rupam has been involved with Engineering research on Artificial Intelligence. Rupam is a Voting member of Grammy® as a Musician, Producer and Engineer. Rupam and his family currently live in California.

Rupam’s goal is to uplift consciousness in the world with creative work that delivers the message of Humanity, Love, and Peace to inspire social change.[3] Rupam's Omkara Music Therapy, a research-based project, is being used at a number of institutions helping people and kids with disabilities relieving pain, mental condition, and depression.[10][11]

Award-winning projects[edit]

Sarmah has a number of awards[12][13][14][15][16] and recognitions for his music and film.[17] His documentary feature film In Search Of God[18][19] was also included in the long nominations for Original Music Score in Oscar 2011 race.[20][21] His research-based world music project, OMKARA - The Sound of Divine Love[22] and Gospel with Borgeet,Talk to God, have received nominations in Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2014.[23] OMKARA was listed in Top 10 Radio Airplay Chart.[24]

Action Moves People United, co-produced and engineered by Sarmah, made top-10 on the US Billboard Compilation Album chart.

Rupam received an Award from Human Rights Organization (CPDR, India) as "Best Composer" in 2012 for his work as an Artist and outstanding contributions to the society.

Sarmah made a Guinness World Record on 24 February 2013 for his project 'A Musical Journey for World Peace' which united more than 500 participants from across the globe who played 315 kinds of musical instruments for world peace. The adjudicator Mr. Jack Brockbank from Guinness World Records declared it as a world record.[25]

Rupam Sarmah received an Award on July 17, 2016 in Washington D.C. from UNESCO USA - USFUCA, Unesco Center for Peace, as "Builder of the Universe" award with a title "Cross-Cultural Ambassador".[26][27]

Rupam Sarmah received a "Human Rights Award 2016" in India on Dec 10, 2016 for his contributions towards social change advocating for peace and equality, and his involvement for the betterment of persons with disabilities.[4]

Work on film, Video[edit]

  1. One Little Finger (Screenplay)[28][29] - Feature Film - Story, Screenplay and Direction by Rupam; Genre: Drama, Musical (English); Theme: Ability in Disability; currently in production; expected release in 2017.
  2. We Are Love (900 Voices)[30] - Music Video: Participated in Grammy® winning composer Laura Sullivan’s project [2015]
  3. In Search of God[31] - Film Director (Rupam's debut film as a Director; BEST DOCUMENTARY AWARD, Indian Film Festival, Houston, Texas)
  4. In Search of God[32][33] - Music Score, composer, Sound Design
  5. Sagar Kinare (Bengali) - Music Director
  6. Alor Thikana (Bengali) - Music Director
  7. A Musical Journey for World Peace[34] - A Musical Concert Film, Directed by Rupam
  8. Majestic Assam - Music Video
  9. Story of Gulsher - Music Video

Work on music[edit]

  1. Enlighten Your Soul (2016) - Dan Aykroyd, Alan White (YES! band) and others (composed by Rupam Sarmah)
  2. The Song Unsung (2016) - vocals by Janis Ian and Rupam Sarmah (words by Tagore, music inspired by Borgeet 'Pawe Pori Hori')
  3. Story of Gulsher (2016) - a collaboration between India and Pakistan, (produced and composed by Rupam Sarmah)
  4. Mandela Meets Gandhi (2016) - a collaboration with Sharon Katz and The Peace Train (South Africa)
  5. Action Moves People United (Musical Spoken Word and Song album) - [Sept, 2016] (Dan Aykroyd, Kathy Sledge, Julian Lennon, Alan White, Annie Haslam, Lillias White, and many others.)[35] (Rupam as Co-Producer, Singer, Composer, Engineer)
  6. Arise Above Abuse (Spoken Word and Music Album by Cindy Paulos and others) [2015]
  7. Sounds from the Circle[36] - New Age Album - compilation [2015]
  8. OMKARA – The Sound of Divine Love[37][38] (World Music Project based on Chakra and healing music) – Directed and Produced by Rupam (feat. Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sumitra Guha, Laura Sullivan, and others) [2014]
  9. Talk to God[39] (Contemporary Gospel song blended with Borgeet 'gopale ki goti'), Rupam Sarmah and Nona Brown, Singer and Composer [2014]
  10. Angel Blessings[40] (Benefiting Hospice): Take in a Deep Breath of Heaven (Rupam Sarmah and Nona Brown) [2014]
  11. In Search of God[41] - Singer, Direction and Score
  12. Sagar Kinare (Bengali) - Singer and Music Director
  13. Hits of Rupam - Singer and composer
  14. Priyam (Assamese) - Singer and composer
  15. Gems of Bishnu Rabha, vol 1, 2, 3 (iTunes) - Sound Design
  16. Geetali (Assamese) - Singer and composer
  17. Piya Re (Hindi) - Singer and composer
  18. Praner Gaan - Singer and Composer
  19. Sylvan Rhapsody of Assam (iTunes) - Sound Design
  20. Sangeetpremee - Singer and composer
  21. My Love Is You - Singer and composer
  22. Music Film (world record concert) – A Musical Journey for World Peace by Rupam and his team
  23. Bengali Album (Banjara)
  24. Bishnuprasadar Prosad (book – published) (assisted Dilip K. Datta, URI, USA)
  25. Bhupen Hazarikar Geet aru Jeevan Roth – (assisted Dilip K. Datta, URI, USA), published 2014


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