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Gender Male
Word/name Low German
Region of origin Western Europe

Rupert is derived from the Latin Rupertus, which is a loan from the Old German Hroberahtus; it is therefore a variation of Robert, and may refer to:

Given name[edit]


  • The Rupert family, a billionaire family from Stellenbosch, South Africa or members of that family:
  • Bob Rupert (born 1931), former college basketball head coach
  • David Rupert (born 1951), American former FBI/British intelligence agent
  • Franke Rupert (1888–1971), Austrian graphic and engraver
  • G. G. Rupert (1847–1922), American Adventist pastor and writer
  • Jeff Rupert (born 1964), Yamaha performing artist, a record producer, saxophonist, professor
  • Joe Rupert (1912–1996), American college football, basketball, and track athlete and coach
  • Michael Rupert (born 1951), American actor, singer, director and composer
  • Nura Rupert, Australian Aboriginal artist from north-west South Australia
  • Rona Rupert née Davel (1934–1995), South African author
  • Ryan Rupert (born 1994), Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Thierry Rupert (1977–2013), French basketball player

Fictional characters[edit]


  • Rupert, stuffed teddy bear owned by cartoon character Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

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