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Rupprecht III. von der Pfalz.jpg
Gender Male
Word/name Low German
Region of origin Western Europe

Rupert is an English truncation of Latin Rupertus, which derives from Old High German Hruodoperht/Hruodoberht ('p' and 'b' are the voiceless and voiced cognates of the same consonant); which is also the source of the name Robert. Thus, "Rupert" and "Robert" are different modern forms of the same name. The Old High German form of the name evolved from Germanic Hrothi, "fame, glory" + Berht, "bright"; thus, Rupert and Robert mean "bright fame."

Given name[edit]


  • The Rupert family, a billionaire family from Stellenbosch, South Africa or members of that family:
  • Bob Rupert (born 1931), former college basketball head coach
  • David Rupert (born 1951), American former FBI/British intelligence agent
  • Franke Rupert (1888–1971), Austrian graphic and engraver
  • G. G. Rupert (1847–1922), American Adventist pastor and writer
  • Jeff Rupert (born 1964), Yamaha performing artist, a record producer, saxophonist, professor
  • Joe Rupert (1912–1996), American college football, basketball, and track athlete and coach
  • Michael Rupert (born 1951), American actor, singer, director and composer
  • Nura Rupert, Australian Aboriginal artist from north-west South Australia
  • Rona Rupert née Davel (1934–1995), South African author
  • Thierry Rupert (1977–2013), French basketball player

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