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SPFS (Russian: Система передачи финансовых сообщений, lit. 'System for Transfer of Financial Messages') is a Russian equivalent of the SWIFT financial transfer system, developed by the Central Bank of Russia.[1] The system has been in development since 2014, after the United States government threatened to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system.[2]

The first transaction on the SPFS network involving a non-bank enterprise was executed in December 2017.[3] As of March 2018, over 400 institutions (mostly banks) are part of the network.[1]

Compared to SWIFT, the system faces a number of challenges, especially higher transaction costs[4] however, on the 15th of March 2018 transaction fee was radically reduced to 0,80 - 1,00 ₽ (0.012 - 0.015 $) per transaction[5]. The system only works within Russia,[3] though there are plans to integrate the network with the China-based Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payments System.[4] The Russian government is also in talks to expand SPFS to third countries such as Turkey and Iran.[6] Owing to its limitations, the SPFS system is seen as a last resort, rather than as a replacement for the SWIFT network.[1]

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