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Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund (Suva)
State-owned enterprise
IndustryAccident insurance
Founded1918; 102 years ago (1918)
Area served
Number of employees
4200 (2018[1])
DivisionsRehabilitation clinics of Bellikon and Sion

The Suva, headquartered in Lucerne, is the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund. It is a public-sector insurer and leading provider of health care coverage for employees in case of accidents in Switzerland[1].


The name is the abbreviation of Schweizerische Unfallversicherungsanstalt (German for Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, in French Caisse nationale suisse d'assurance en cas d'accidents or CNA; in Italian Istituto nazionale svizzero di assicurazione contro gli infortuni).


It was founded 1912 and its active since 1918[1]. For a long time, it held a monopoly for compulsory coverage for employees in high-risk professions. Its surplus income is distributed to insureds in the form of premium reductions[1].

Its three missions are prevention, insurance and rehabilitation[1]. About half of people working in Switzerland are insurance by the Suva in case of accidents (128,000 companies and 2,000,000 people insured)[1].

Unemployed people are insured against accidents by the Suva[1]. Since 2005, the Swiss Armed Forces are also insured against accidents by the Suva[1].

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