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Sami Council (Sámiráđđi) headquarters in Ohcejohka, Sápmi.

The Saami Council (Northern Sami: Sámiráđđi) is an umbrella organization for Sámi organizations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. The Saami Council was founded during the 2nd Sámi Conference held in Karasjok, Norway on August 18, 1956 as the Nordic Saami Council. After the first Russian Sámi organization was accepted as a member in 1992, however, the word Nordic was dropped from the official name. Saami Council has a Permanent Participant status on the Arctic Council.

The Council Secretariat is located in Utsjoki, Finland.

Member organizations[edit]

The Saami Council has 8 member organizations, each of which is represented on the council by at least 1 delegate.




  • Saami Association of Finland


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