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Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş.
Anonim Şirket
Traded asBİST: SAHOL
Area served
Key people
  • Güler Sabancı (Chairman and Executive Member)
  • Cenk Alper (Board Member and CEO)
  • Barış Oran (CFO)[1]
ProductsFinance, energy, cement, retail, insurance, industry
RevenueIncrease ₺ 65.6 billion (2017)[2]
Increase ₺ 15.0 billion (2017)[2]
Increase ₺ 3.5 billion (2017)[2]
Total assetsIncrease ₺ 175,4 billion (2012)[3]
Total equityIncrease ₺ 25,473 billion (2011)[3]
Number of employees

Hacı Ömer Sabancı Holding A.Ş., abbreviated as Sabancı Holding, is one of the largest industrial and financial conglomerates in Turkey. 53.9% of the company is owned by the founding Sabancı family, one of Turkey's wealthiest. The remaining is listed in the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST).


Sabancı Group companies currently operate in 12 countries as of year-end 2019 and market their products in regions across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America. Sabancı Group – thanks to its solid reputation, positive brand image, strong joint ventures, extensive experience and know-how about the Turkish market – has fostered its core businesses over the years. These enterprises collectively have also contributed significantly to the development of Turkey’s economy. Sabancı Holding’s multinational business partners include prominent global companies such as Ageas, Aviva, Bridgestone, Carrefour, E.ON, Heidelberg Cement, Marubeni and Philip Morris. In 2019, Sabancı Group posted combined sales revenue of TL 97.6 billion and consolidated net profit of TL 3.8 billion. Sabancı Holding’s own shares, as well as the shares of its 11 subsidiaries, are listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) and constitute 8.1% of total market capitalization of Turkish equity market. The Sabancı Family is collectively Sabancı Holding’s majority shareholder. As of year-end 2019, 48.3% of Sabancı Holding’s shares are publicly traded. [5]


  • Brisa (joint venture with Bridgestone)
  • Kordsa
  • Temsa Motorlu Araçlar
  • Temsa İş Makinaları (joint venture with Marubeni)


  • Akbank


  • TeknoSA


  • Aksigorta (joint venture with Ageas)
  • AvivaSA (joint venture with Aviva)


  • EnerjiSA (joint venture with E.ON). Enerjisa owns the lignite-fired Tufanbeyli power station.
  • EnerjiSA Üretim


  • Çimsa


  • SabancıDX
  • Philip MorrisSA (joint venture with Philip Morris)
  • Tursa


Sabanci Group towers, 4. Levent, Istanbul, Turkey

The headquarters of the company was moved from Adana to Istanbul in 1974, and is located in a twin skyscraper building in Levent. Chairman of the holding is the third-generation member of the Sabancı family Güler Sabancı, who was appointed after the death of her uncle Sakıp Sabancı in 2004, the leader of the holding since its founding in 1967. Vice chairman is Erol Sabancı. Other members of the board of members are Saime Gonca Artunkal (on behalf of Sakıp Sabancı Holding A.Ş.), Serra Sabancı, Suzan Sabancı Dinçer, Ahmet Erdem, Mehmet Mete Başol, Nafiz Can Paker and Cenk Alper who is currently also the company’s CEO.[6]

With controlling interests in 12 companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Sabancı Holding is Turkey’s leading financial conglomerate and one of the leading industrial groups.


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