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Vestel Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Anonim Şirket
Traded asBİST: VESTL
IndustryConsumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Information Technology
HeadquartersManisa, Turkey
Key people
Turan Erdogan, (CEO)
Ahmet Nazif Zorlu (Chairman)
ProductsTelevisions, Major Domestic Appliances, Digital Signage Displays, Smartphones
RevenueIncrease 1.2 billion (2016)[1]
Increase 23 million (2016)[2]
Number of employees

Vestel is a Turkish home and professional appliances manufacturing company consisting of 18 companies specialised in electronics, major appliances and information technology. Vestel's headquarters and production plant are located in Manisa, while the company's parent conglomerate is the Istanbul based Zorlu Holding.

Vestel, together with its subsidiary brands has a significant share in the European market of consumer electronics and home appliances, in particular TV sets.[3] As of 2006, Vestel was the largest TV producer in Europe with more than 8 million units sold, accounting for a quarter of the European market.[3] Vestel also has a subsidiary brand Vestfrost, used for white goods sold in the Nordic countries. In 2014, Vestel entered the smartphone market.

Subsidiary brands[edit]

  • Digihome, a consumer electronics brand
  • Electra, a UK white goods brand
  • Finlux, a Finnish consumer electronics brand
  • Graetz, a white goods brand sold in German-speaking countries
  • Innohit (Italian TV brand) is manufactured under license from the brand owner.
  • Isis, a UK TV and white goods brand
  • Celcus, a UK TV brand exclusively sold by Sainsbury's supermarkets[4]
  • Luxor, a former Swedish brand previously owned by Nokia[5]
  • MAXWELL, manufactures TV Sets, DVD players, and white goods (mainly refrigerators, air conditioners, cooking stoves, washing machines)
  • Regal, a Turkish brand also sold in Russia
  • SEG, a German brand also sold in Russia
  • Servis, a UK white goods brand
  • Sharp white goods as Sharp Home Appliances Europe, Sharp Corporation had licensed the Japanese brand to be used on appliances manufactured for sale in Europe.[6] After paying $3.5 billion for Sharp in August 2016,[7] Taiwan's Foxconn sought to take back control of Sharp's brand outside Japan by unpicking licensing deals signed by the then-heavily indebted Sharp corporation's former management with Vestel for white goods and Slovakia's Universal Media Corporation for TVs in Europe and China's state-owned Hisense in the US.[8]
  • Techwood, a consumer electronics brand
Techwood flat screen television from 2010
  • Telefunken (German TV brand) is manufactured under license from the brand owner.
  • Vestfrost, a former Danish white goods brand purchased by Vestel
  • Waltham, a former UK brand purchased by Vestel
  • Kendo, manufactures TV sets and set top boxes
  • Acoustic Solutions, TV manufacturer
  • Walker, electronics for the marked in Ireland
  • GoGen, an East European brand of TV sets and other electronic products
  • New Pol
  • Nexon
  • Toshiba. Vestel would manufacture TVs bearing the Toshiba brand under a five-year licensing deal with the Japanese corporation's visual solutions division[9] That deal came in the wake of the Japanese electronics corporation's 2015 scandal over the reporting of inflated results. Vestel said it would use Toshiba's plant in Wrocław, Poland to make TVs to be sold as Toshibas and Vestels.

Related brands[edit]

  • Aiwa - in some countries, Aiwa TV sets and some DVD players were made by Vestel. In addition, after Sony took over Aiwa, there were a small number of TV sets bearing the new Aiwa logo. These TV sets were also made by Vestel, among other OEM suppliers.
  • AKAI - for some countries, Vestel sets are branded Akai.
  • Continental Edison - a French brand of consumer electronics. TV sets under this brand are also manufactured by Vestel.
  • CROWN - Vestel sells TV sets under the name CROWN.
  • Clayton - A brand of TV sets and other consumer electronics. TV sets under clayton brand are made by Vestel.
  • Dantax - A Danish brand of consumer electronics. TV sets under Dantax name are made by Vestel.
  • Daewoo - some TV sets made by Vestel are marketed under the Daewoo brand in some countries.
  • Dual - a German electronics brand. Some Dual brand TV are manufactured by Vestel.
  • Emerson - some sets sold under the Emerson brand in some European countries were made by Vestel.
  • Ferguson - LCD TV sets branded Ferguson and marketed by a Polish company, are made by Vestel.
  • Funai - some Funai CRT sets were made by Vestel.
  • Gorenje - Vestel has made TVs for the Slovenian white goods manufacturer.
  • Hitachi - Vestel is rebranding some of its TV sets as Hitachi, in some countries.In Europe, Hitachi TV sets are manufactured by Vestel, while in other regions, they are manufactured by Chinese or Taiwanese oem manufacturers .
  • Horizon Global Electronics - low cost brand, usually LED TV's, marketed in Romania by NOD distribution, previous ASEsoft.
  • Hyundai - TV Sets, both TFT and CRT TV sets were manufactured by Vestel, for some countries.
  • Inexive - A brand belonging to Auchan, and under this brand, therr are sold televisions, mainly from Vestel, and other electronics for consumer.
  • ITT and Schaub & Lorenz - some sets under these German brands are made by Vestel.
  • JVC - some JVC TVs, both flat panel and CRT models, were manufactured by Vestel, which sells LCD TVs in some countries as JVC brand equipment.
  • Kennex - Coop's store brand of OEM white goods included Vestel televisions in the early and mid 2000s.[10]
  • Linsar - Vestel manufactured products for this independent British company, set up in 2006 and acquired in 2016 by Australia's Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd.
  • Matsui - A brand of electronics, vestel branded matsui some TV sets and set top boxes made by them.
  • Medion - Vestel has manufactured many TVs sold under this Chinese-owned German consumer electronics brand - and under the Tevion, Microstar, Lifetec brands.
  • Mitchell & Brown- British brand manufactured by Vestel.
  • NEI - a brand of consumer electronics. After 2000 many TV sets under this brand were made by Vestel.
  • No.1 - Vestel has made TVs and appliances sold under this brand, which belongs to France's Carrefour hypermarket chain.
  • Nordmende - some Vestel TV sets are marketed under Nordmende brand, under licence from Technicolor (previously the Thomson consumer electronics group).
  • Orion - some TV sets made by Vestel are branded Orion Electric, for some countries. Orion TV sets with Vestel chassis, were usually belonging to ORION Hungary, a Hungarian electronics manufacturer.
  • Palladium - a brand of TV Sets. Some Palladium sets were made by Vestel.
  • Panasonic - some LED TVs sets from Panasonic, such as the A300, CX350 and CX400, are made by Vestel, these are mainly entry level/budget, 'HD-ready', HD and some low cost Ultra HD 4K models (for example, the CX400 series).
  • Philips - some LED TVs from Philips - mainly entry level models, for example the 32PFL3008, are made by Vestel, .
  • Polaroid - LCD TV sets from Polaroid, in Europe, are made by Vestel.
  • ProCaster - a consumer electronics brand belonging to
  • RCA - in Europe, some Vestel sets were sold under RCA name.
  • Selecline - brand belonging to Auchan, France, used for TV sets and other electrical consumer products sold by Auchan.
  • Saba - some Vestel TVs are sold as Saba sets, under licence from Technicolor (previously the Thomson consumer electronics group).
  • SANYO - some TV sets made by Vestel have been sold in some countries under the Sanyo brand.
  • Qilive - brand belonging to Auchan, France, used for TV sets and other electrical consumer products sold by Auchan..
  • Silvercrest - a consumer electronics brand belonging to Lidl. Vestel made some TV sets under this name.
  • Technika - brand owned by Tesco. Some older models used Vestel chassis.
  • Teletech - Vestel makes TVs for this low cost Romanian electronics brand.
  • Tesla - a brand from Czechoslovakia. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Vestel's LCD TVs are sold as both Tesla and the rival Orava brand.
  • Universum Electronics - German brand belonging to Quelle. Some Universum sets, both flat panel and CRT, were manufactured by Vestel.
  • Videoton, a Hungarian electronics company, had marketed Vestel-made LCD TVs, and mostly in Hungary.
  • Vortex - A brand from Romania, under this brand there are sold TV sets, white goods and air conditioners. Some of them are made by vestel and sold under the name vortex.
  • Watson Electronics - Vestel has manufactured many of the TVs sold under this brand, which belongs to Germany's Metro retail group.
  • Wellington - A brand of consumer electronics, TV sets under this brand are mainly made by Vestel.
  • Westwood - Vestel makes Westwood TVs for Romania's Domo retailer's budget Westwood brand.
  • Wisi - A German brand of set top boxes and cable equipment. Vestel manufactured some set top boxes for Wisi.

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