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This article is about the city in Sahiwal District. For other uses, see Sahiwal (disambiguation).
Sahiwal is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°39′52″N 73°6′30″E / 30.66444°N 73.10833°E / 30.66444; 73.10833
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sahiwal
Elevation 152.4 m (500.0 ft)
Population (1998)
 • Total 207,388
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Calling code 040

Sahiwal (Urdu: ساہِيوال‎; Western Punjabi: ساہیوال), is a city in central Punjab, Pakistan. It presently is the administrative center of Sahiwal district, and previously was that of the former Sahiwal division. Sahiwal is approximately 180 km from the major city Lahore and is the city between Lahore and Multan. With a population of 207,388 (1998 Pakistan Census), it is the 14th largest city in the Punjab and the 22nd largest city in Pakistan.

A small village on the Karachi-Lahore railway line during 1865 was named Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery, then Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab.[1][2] was made the capital of the Montgomery District. Its name was reinstated as Sahiwal in 1967 after the Sahi clan of Kharal Rajpoots who are the native inhabitants of this area.

The city is in the densely populated region between the Sutlej and Ravi rivers. The principal crops are wheat, cotton, tobacco,[3] legumes, potato[4] and oilseeds. Cotton goods and lacquered woodwork are manufactured.[1][5]


Punjabi is the spoken language of people of district.[6] English and Urdu are also spoken by citizens.


The Sahiwal District has been settled from the pre-historical era. Harappa is an archaeological site, about 35 km (22 mi) west of Sahiwal, that was built approximately 2600 BCE. The area was part of South Asian empires and in crossroads of migrations and invasions from Central Asia. The pastoral tribes of this barren expanse did not appear to have paid more than a nominal allegiance to the Muslim rulers, the population for the most part remained in a chronic state of rebellion. Sahiwal is located close to Pakpattan, a famous medieval town and Muslim Sufi pilgrimage site. The Pakpattan owes its sanctity and modern name, 'the holy ferry', to the shrine of the great Muslim Sufi Fariduddin Ganjshakar Shaikh-ul-Islam, Farid-ul-Hakkwa-ud-Din, Shakar Ganj (1173–1265) which was visited by old great traveller and historian Ibn Batuta in 1334. The native population converted to Islam by Sufi missionaries. After the decline of the Mughal Empire, the Sikh took control of Sahiwal. The inhabitants were treated benevolently during Sikh rule. The district came under direct British rule in 1849, when the district was officially formed with its headquarters at Pakpattan. The district was expanded to include the trans-Ravi portion in 1852, and the district headquarters were moved to Gogera. In 1865, when the railway was opened, a village on the railway, was named Montgomery and became the capital of the district.[7]

During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, there was a general uprising of the Muslim population of Sahiwal, the District formed the scene of the only uprising which took place north of the Sutlej. Before the end of May 1857, emissaries from Delhi crossed the river from Sirsa and Hisar, where open rebellion was already ripe, and met with a ready reception from the Kharals and various other Muslim tribes. The District authorities, however, kept down the threatened uprising till August 26, 1857 when the prisoners in jail made a desperate attempt to break loose. At the same time Ahmad Khan, a famous Kharal leader, who had been detained at Gogera, broke his arrest, and, though apprehended, was released on security, together with several other suspected chieftains. On September 16 they fled to their homes, and the whole country rose in open rebellion. Kot Kamalia was sacked; and Major Chamberlain, moving up with a small force from Multan, was besieged for some days at Chichawatni on the Ravi. The situation at the civil station remained critical till Colonel Paton arrived with substantial reinforcements from Lahore. An attack which took place immediately after their arrival was repulsed. Several minor actions followed in the open field, until finally the rebels, driven from the plain into the jungles of the interior, were utterly defeated and dispersed. The British troops then inflicted severe punishment on the insurgent clans, destroying their villages, and seizing large numbers of herds.[8]

The predominantly Muslim population supported Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslim refugees from India settled in the Sahiwal district.


In 2012, the estimated population of Sahiwal city is 270,269. The city is predominantly Punjabi and Haryanvi speaking and is 99% Muslim.The overall population of district Sahiwal is about 2 million in 2012.


Agriculture is important to the local economy, particularly the growing of cotton, grain, potato, wheat and rice exported all over Pakistan and around the world. As well as its cattle and sheep, the Division is also famous for Water Buffalo milk.


Industry of Sahiwal division is mainly an Agro-based Industries and has approximately 1682 industrial units. The main industries include Beverage & Food processing units (Mitchell's Fruit Farms Limited, Montgomery Biscuits, Engro Foods Limited,[9] Beakers Land & Sweets Factory situated on Sahiwal Kamir Road. Kamir is a town of division Sahiwal.Ittefaq Sugar Mills Limited, Baba Farid Sugar Mills Limited etc.), Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco (Lackson Tobacco) etc.,[10] Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Flour Mills, Fertilizer companies (Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited etc.), Vegetable Ghee & Cooking Oil (Habib Oil Mill etc.),[11] Textile Weaving/Spinning, Soap & Detergent, Paper & Paper Board, Poultry Feed, Seed Processing and leather products.


The climate of Sahiwal district is extreme, reaching 45 °C in summer, and down to 2 °C in winter. The soil of the district is very fertile. The average rainfall is about 200 mm.[12]

Broadcast media[edit]

There are various radio and cable networks broadcasting in the city, such as Radio Awaz Fm 105. Sahiwal, Sun Rise FM 96 Sahiwal radio and cable networks like Voltas Cable Network private limited, Galaxy Cable Network and Geo Cable network.Voltas cable net work is providing 280+ digital+analogue cahnnels,geo cable is providing 168 channels, galaxy cable is providing 60 channels, The main companies providing dial-up internet facilities are BrainNet and CyberNet. World Call Wireless has also started its operation in Sahiwal. World Call provides wireless telephones at low call rates and a wireless internet facility which is much faster than the dial-up service providers in the city. Recently, Wateen Telecom has also opened its office in Sahiwal. Wateen offers landline telephone, cellular phone, HAQ television, high-speed internet and WiMax.[12]

Educational institutions[edit]

Sahiwal houses several educational institutes of quality. Government Post Graduate College Sahiwal is one of big institute in the city. It has 100 acres of land which includes the college building, a separate library building, a recreational building having swimming pool inside two hostels named Jinnah Hall and Iqbal Hall and vast green playgrounds. Army Public Schools & Colleges System(APS) also start its campus in Sahiwal Cantt.


Government High School,Government Mehmoodia High School, Government High School Urban Area, Government Comprehensive High School, Government High School 86/6.R, Government High School 89/6.R ,Government High School 97/6.R, and Government Pilot Higher Secondary School are the leading high schools of the city. Junior Model High School, Divisional Public School (DPS) and St. Mary's Convent School are also providing education. Educator School. Divisional Public School (DPS),is one of the biggest semi-government school in Sahiwal & is the best result showing institution in Sahiwal. St. Mary's Convent High School, is a well reputed English medium institution run by Italian nuns. Many among the elite of Sahiwal send their children to St. Mary's.

Army Public Schools & Colleges System(APS) also start its campus in Sahiwal Cantt.

The private sector is playing a major role in primary education: renowned schools in this regard are Gehwara-i-Taleem High School Sahiwal. The Educators, The Beaconhouse School System, Bloomfield, The City School and Pre-Forces Cadet School. A new building of The City School is under construction in front of Comprehensive School Sahiwal. After completion it will be the largest private school campus in Sahiwal. Another new school established in 2007 is the Dare-Arqam Model School and Sahiwal public school,Golden gate,Pak forces are important schools.Lasani Public High School Sahiwal


The University Of Sahiwal, Sahiwal Medical College, Government College for Women, Sahiwal, also contains the Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) sub-campus. One of the oldest Institutes of Commerce is the Government College of Commerce, Sahiwal.Govt. Imamia College, Sahiwal.Leading College Sahiwal is also a well reputed college in sahiwal.

Army Public Schools & Colleges System(APS) also start its campus in Sahiwal Cantt.

Kings College of Health Sciences is the first and only institute which offers courses in health sciences and allied health sciences. Royal College of Commerce Sahiwal is a Commerce College in Sahiwal and is ahead of many contemporary educational institutes of Sahiwal Division.Royal College of Commerce is in the main area of the city of Sahiwal. The Educators College has separate campuses for boys and girls.Punjab Group Of Colleges has also opened their campus in this city in 2010.

There are two Government Colleges for Technical Education that offer three years DAE & B.Tech in various disciplines. There are many Private Technical Education Institutes that offer DAE & B.Tech. Allama Iqbal Polytechnic Institute is the first institute to offer DAE in Mechanical Technology (since 2003).(cast) college of advance scientific techniques. Faridia Islamic University is also located at Sahiwal. BISE The Sahiwal Board has also been established.Which will now conduct the exams of higher & higher secondary education.The DPS college has also got the best overall result in multan board and had got 3rd position in pre-medical exams in multan board.[12]


  • Comsats Institute of Information Technology Sahiwal

The Commission on Science and Technology and Sustainable Development, in the South, i.e., COMSATS has opened its sixth campus at Sahiwal. It is a Public Sector University, Chartered by Federal Government providing quality education in the field of Management Sciences and Computer Sciences at both undergraduate and post graduate level. COMSATS has an edge over its competitor institutions and it has foreign qualified and experienced faculty at its Sahiwal campus.

  • BZU sahiwal cmpus

A lot is being planned for the education sector in Sahiwal. BZU Multan is planning its separate sub-campus in Sahiwal, and land has been acquired for this purpose. It is hoped that the university will be complete in two years and will be called the 'University of Sahiwal'. The Virtual University of Pakistan has opened its regional as well as private campus in Sahiwal, and offers distant learning programmes. Regional Campus is situated at college chowk upper building of Bakers Inn. Regional campus of Allama Iqbal Open University is also established and working here.

Quid-E-Azam University Of Technology, 8-km, Pakpattan Road, Sahiwal, Opposite Engro Foods Ltd., Quid-e-Azam College of Engineering and Technology is located at Lahore-Multan Rd, Shahab Town, Sahiwal, Punjab[13] and offers Engineering degrees in Civil and Electrical Engineering[14] Quid-e-Azam College of Engineering and Technology is affiliated with University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore[15]

For Technology GCUF Sahiwal Campus is also there.Arid Agriculture and base science technology university campus also in Sahiwal.Uet Lahore Campus also held in Sahiwal.

For Information Technology, Computer Sciences and Business Administration studies Virtual University of Pakistan make a own campus in Sahiwal City at Saudi Tower, Opposite Jinnah Hall, Kachehry Road, Sahiwal. That facilitate in district of Sahiwal.


The Civil Hospital is the largest and teaching hospital for Sahiwal Medical College. The Christian Hospital, Qayyum Hospital of Orthopaedics, Bhagwan Jee Children Hospital, Shah hospital, the Mir Wilayat Hussain Zaidi Maternity Hospital are also located in Sahiwal.


Zafar Ali Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Sahiwal. It is used for football and cricket games, and can hold 10,000 people.

Twin city[edit]

Sahiwal is twinned with the town of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, North West England.[16] There is a direction sign in Rochdale's town centre pointing in Sahiwal's direction with "Sahiwal 3960 miles" written on it.[citation needed]

Notable people from Sahiwal[edit]


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