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The Salinas Transit Center is the main transit center in Salinas, California. It is served by Monterey-Salinas Transit.

It is located at 110 Salinas Street in downtown Salinas, between Central and Lincoln Avenues. Most departures from its eight gates follow a 15-minute "pulsed" schedule, allowing for timed transfers.

The Transit Center has standard facilities such as restrooms, pay phones, drinking fountains, and bike racks, as well as a staffed customer service window where MST monthly passes, ticket books, and Courtesy Cards are available.

Transit Service[edit]

Service Boarding Location Other Notes
MST Trolley—Salinas Gate 9
Line 2X Pebble Beach–Salinas Express Gate 9 Eastern terminus
Line 20 Monterey–Salinas via Marina Gate 7 Eastern terminus
Line 21 Monterey–Salinas via Highway 68 Gate 6 Eastern terminus
Line 23 Salinas–King City Gate 6
Line 28 Watsonville–Salinas via Castroville Gate 1 Southern terminus
Line 29 Watsonville–Salinas via Prunedale Gate 2 Southern terminus
Line 39 Laguna Seca–Salinas Gate 9 Northern terminus
Line 41 East Alisal-Northridge Gate 5 Southern terminus
Line 42 East Alisal-Westridge Gate 5 Southern terminus
Line 43 Memorial Hospital Gate 4 Northern terminus
Line 44 Northridge via Westridge Gate 1 Southern terminus
Line 45 East Market-Creekbridge Gate 3 Southern terminus
Line 46 Natividad Gate 3 Southern terminus
Line 49 Northridge via North Main Street Gate 2 Southern terminus
Line 68 Presidio-Salinas Express via Highway 68 Gate 2 Eastern terminus

Coordinates: 36°40′34″N 121°39′24″W / 36.67621°N 121.65679°W / 36.67621; -121.65679