Samsung R&D Institute India, Noida

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Samsung R&D Institute India, Noida
Formerly called
Samsung Software Engineering Lab
Headquarters Noida, India
Key people
Seungchul Choi, MD
Number of employees
  • Decrease 2191 (Jan 2017)
Parent Samsung Electronics

Samsung R&D Institute India, Noida (also known as SRI-Noida and Samsung Noida Lab) is one of the 29 global Research and Development centers of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., headquartered at Noida. It was established in 2007 as Samsung Software Engineering Lab(SEL) and renamed in 2013 along with SRI-Bangalore and SRI-Delhi.

Company is focused on embedded and mobile software testing and development for Samsung Electronics, in a variety of areas related to Mobile Phones.

Noida Lab started its operations with Regional Adaptation and Multimedia testing while focusing to bring great innovations and latest technologies in the era of wireless communications. Noida Lab is engaged in development and testing of mobile software for all range of handsets. Noida Lab also focuses on Quality assurance which includes automation Testing, protocol testing, white box testing and GCF certifications.


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