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San Francisco Law School
San Francisco Law School seal.jpg
Parent school Alliant International University
Established 1909
School type Private
Dean Gregory J. Brandes, JD
Location San Francisco, CA, US
Coordinates: 37°46′22″N 122°25′21″W / 37.77278°N 122.42250°W / 37.77278; -122.42250
Enrollment 115
Faculty 29 (including Adjunct faculty)
Bar pass rate 67% (6/9) (July 2012 1st time takers)[1]
Website [1]

San Francisco Law School is a private, non-profit law school in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1909, the law school became non-profit in 1941 and moved to its iconic location on Haight Street in 1968. The law school offers a three-year full-time program and a four-year part-time evening program leading to a Juris Doctor degree.

The Law School's alumni include late California Governor Edmund "Pat" Brown ('27) and former Lieutenant Governor of California, Leo T. McCarthy and Undersecretary of the United States Department of Energy Joseph F. Salgado.[2] San Francisco Law School alumni includes many of the first women to be appointed to the bench in the State, including the Hon. Dorothy von Beroldingen of the San Francisco Superior Court, Paula Kamena of Marin County Superior Court and Marilyn Pestarino Zecher of the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

In July 2010, the law school completed a merger to become a graduate school of Alliant International University. The law school retains its name, however relocated to the university's main San Francisco campus on Beach Street.

San Francisco Law School has been accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners[3] of the State Bar of California since 1937, but does not have[4] or currently seek approval by the American Bar Association. In addition, through Alliant, San Francisco Law School is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, thus allowing students to apply for federal assistance programs.[5]

In 2014, San Diego Law School opened as a branch campus of San Francisco Law School and is located in the Walter Library on the Alliant San Diego campus at Scripps Ranch. San Diego Law School offers a four-year part-time evening program and is accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State of California.

Bar Passage Rates[edit]

The July 2012 California Bar passage rate for San Francisco Law School's first-time test takers was 67%.


  • Oscar Zeta Acosta, friend of Hunter S. Thompson and inspiration for the character Dr. Gonzo in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
  • P. Terry Anderlini, past president of the California State Bar, current president of the San Francisco Law School Board of Directors and current director, Alliant International University Board of Directors
  • Arthur T. Bridgett, founding member of preeminent San Francisco law firm Hansen Bridgett
  • Dorothy von Beroldingen, late San Francisco political figure, feminist and San Francisco Superior Court Judge
  • Thomas Broome, founding member of the Charles Houston Bar Association and former president of the National Bar Association
  • Edmund "Pat" Brown, former California Governor and father of current California Governor Jerry Brown
  • Geoffrey F. Brown, former five-term San Francisco Public Defender and commissioner of the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Harold C. Brown, former California Appellate Court Justice
  • Victor Campilango, retired Marin County Superior Court Judge
  • Wayne M. Collins civil rights attorney and co-founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, Northern California Chapter; argued Korematsu v. US in front of the United States Supreme Court [6]
  • Robert W. Crown, former California State Assemblyman
  • Merle Eaton, retired Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge
  • Charles Garry, Marxist lawyer, chief counsel for the Black Panther Party, attorney for the People's Temple and counsel in many famous cases, including the San Quentin Six (murder of George Jackson), Oakland Seven (demonstrations in Berkeley against the Vietnam War).
  • Paula Kamena, first female Marin County District Attorney
  • Eugene W. Krum, retired Fresno County Superior Court Judge
  • Marvin E. Lewis, founder and first president of the California Trial Lawyers Association and past president of the American Trial Lawyers and Western Trial Lawyers Associations
  • Betty Lou Lamoreaux, retired Orange County Superior Court Judge
  • Milton Marks, former California State Senator
  • Leo T. McCarthy, former Lieutenant Governor of California
  • Philip Moscone, retired San Francisco Superior Court Judge
  • Lynn O'Malley Taylor, first female judge elected to Marin County Superior Court
  • Sharon M. Reardon, current San Francisco County Superior Court Judge
  • Joseph Salgado, former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Energy
  • Everett Shapiro, founding member of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Washington D.C.
  • Marilyn Pestarino Zecher, first female Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge, and mother of current Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Vanessa Zecher
  • Peter G. Zulim, founder of AccessLaw, Inc.


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