Sangamon Valley Conference

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Sangamon Valley Conference
RegionNorth-eastern Illinois

The Sangamon Valley Conference is an IHSA-sanctioned conference in northeastern Illinois established in 1948.[1] The conference hosts primarily 1A-2A schools. It was the first Illinois conference to host an Indiana high school, as South Newton of Kentland, Indiana played from 2015 to 2018 to rejoin the Midwest Athletic Conference.[2]

Member Schools[edit]

School Location
Mascot Colors County 2017-18 Enrollment Class Year Joined Previous Conference
Central High School Clifton, Illinois
Comets           Iroquois 334 2A 2004
Cissna Park High School1 Cissna Park, Illinois
Timberwolves           Iroquois 99 1A 1999
Dwight High School Dwight, Illinois
Trojans           Livingston 258 1A 2014 Interstate Eight
Iroquois West High School Gilman, Illinois
Raiders           Iroquois 281 1A 1993
Momence High School Momence, Illinois
Redskins           Kankakee 339 2A 2006 River Valley
Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School Paxton, Illinois
Panthers           Ford 463 2A 1991 none (new school)
Watseka Community High School Watseka, Illinois
Warriors           Iroquois 309 2A 1997 River Valley
  1. was called Crescent-Iroquois-Cissna Park as the host in a co-op with Crescent-Iroquois (based in Crescent City until Crescent City-Iroquois consolidated into Cissna Park in 2009.

Former Members[edit]

School Location Mascot Colors County Year Joined Previous Conference Year Left Conference Joined
Argenta-Oreana High School Argenta, Illinois Bombers           Macon 1971 1983
Armstrong High School Armstrong, Illinois Trojans           Vermilion 1999 2004 Vermilion Valley
Bellflower High School Bellflower, Illinois Dragons           McLean 1948 Tri-Valley 1985 Kickapoo
Blue Ridge High School Farmer City, Illinois Knights           DeWitt 1985 none (new school) 2006 Heart of Illinois
DeLand-Weldon High School1 De Land, Illinois Eagles           Piatt 1948 1983
Fairbury-Cropsley High School Fairbury, Illinois Tartars           Livingston 1971 1985 none (consolidated into Prairie Central
Farmer City High School Farmer City, Illinois Farmers           DeWitt 1948 1971 none (consolidated into Farmer City-Mansfield)
Farmer City-Mansfield High School Farmer City, Illinois Blue Devils           DeWitt 1971 none (new school) 1985 none (consolidated into Blue Ridge)
Fisher High School Fisher, Illinois Bunnies           Champaign 1949 2006 Heart of Illinois
Ford Central High School Piper City, Illinois Cougars           Livingston 1989 Vermilion Valley 1992 none (consolidated into Tri-Point)
Forrest-Strawn-Wing High School Forrest, Illinois Eskimos           Livingston 1983 Vermilion Valley 1985 none (consolidated into Prairie Central
Gibson City High School Gibson City, Illinois Greyhounds           Ford 1990 Wauseca 1993 none (consolidated into Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley)
Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley High School Gibson City, Illinois Falcons           Ford 1993 none (new school) 2006 Heart of Illinois
Heyworth High School Heyworth, Illinois Hornets           McLean 1955 1997 Mid-State
Hoopeston Area High School Hoopeston, Illinois Cornjerkers           Vermilion 1997 2004 Vermilion Valley
LeRoy High School LeRoy, Illinois Panthers           McLean 1948 2006 Heart of Illinois
Mahomet-Seymour High School Mahomet, Illinois Bulldogs           Champaign 1948 1976 Okaw Valley
Mansfield High School Mansfield, Illinois Cardinals           Piatt 1948 1971 none (consolidated into Farmer City-Mansfield)
Milford High School Milford, Illinois Bearcats           Iroquois 1997 2006 Vermilion Valley
Octavia High School Colfax, Illinois Rockets           McLean 1955 Kickapoo 1989 none (consolidated into Ridgeview)
Paxton High School Paxton, Illinois Mustangs           Ford 1990 Wauseca 1991 none (consolidated into Paxton-Buckley-Loda)
Ridgeview High School Colfax, Illinois Mustangs           McLean 1989 none (new school) 1997 Mid-State
Rossville-Alvin High School Rossville, Illinois Bobcats           Vermilion 1997 2005 none (consolidated into Hoopeston)
St. Joseph-Ogden High School St. Joseph, Illinois Spartans           Champaign 2006 2014 Okaw Valley
St. Thomas More High School Champaign, Illinois Sabers           Champaign 2004 2014 Okaw Valley
Saybrook-Arrowsmith High School Saybrook, Illinois Comanches           McLean 1955 Kickapoo 1976 Kickapoo
South Newton High School Kentland, Indiana Rebels                Newton (IN) 2015 Midwest (IN) 2018 Midwest (IN)
Tri-Point High School Cullom, Illinois Chargers           Livingston 2006 Mid-State 2011 River Valley
Tri-Valley High School Downs, Illinois Vikings           McLean 1983 2006 Heart of Illinois
University High School Urbana, Illinois Illineks           Champaign 1997 2003 East Central Illini
Wapella High School Wapella, Illinois Wildcats           DeWitt 1949 1955 Kickapoo
Weldon High School Weldon, Illinois Wildcats           DeWitt 1948 1949 none (consolidated into DeLand-Weldon)
  1. DeLand-Weldon was known as DeLand before 1949.


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