Sanki Yedim Mosque

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Sanki Yedim Mosque
AffiliationSunni Islam
LocationIstanbul, Turkey

The Sanki Yedim Mosque (Turkish: Sanki Yedim Camii, transl. As If I Have Eaten Mosque) is a historic mosque built by Keçeci Hayreddin (Khair Al-Deen) Efendi in the district of Fatih in Istanbul in 1750 [1]

Name origin[edit]

Sanki Yedim Mosque was built by Keçeci Hayreddin (Khair Al-Deen) Efendi who lived in the district of Fatih in Istanbul. Whenever Keçeci Hayreddin (Khair Al-Deen) walked in the market and desired something to eat, he would say: “Sanki Yedim” or “As if I have eaten” and saved the cost of the meal, fruit or sweet in a box. He kept on doing the same thing every time he desired anything say; “Sanki Yedim”. After several years, he discovered that he had collected a good amount of money which is enough to build a small Mosque. And because the people knew his story they started to call the Mosque Sanki Yedim Camii “As If I Have Eaten Mosque”.


The original Mosque burned during the First World War and it was rebuilt in 1960.[1]


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