Konya Aziziye Mosque

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Aziziye Mosque
Aziziye Mosque, Konya, Turkey.jpg
Basic information
Location Turkey Konya, Turkey
Rite Sunni Islam
Province Konya Province
Region Central Anatolia
Country Turkey
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Groundbreaking 1872
Completed 1874
Minaret(s) 2

Aziziye Mosque is an Ottoman mosque in Konya, Turkey.


The mosque is in the district of Karatay of Greater Konya at about 37°52′N 32°30′E / 37.867°N 32.500°E / 37.867; 32.500Coordinates: 37°52′N 32°30′E / 37.867°N 32.500°E / 37.867; 32.500. It is situated in the business center of the city.


The original mosque had been commissioned between 1671 and 1676 [1] by Damat Mustafa Pasha who was the husband of Hatice Sultan, the daughter of sultan Mehmet IV. But when it was ruined as a result of a fire in 1867, it was recommissioned by Pertevniyal, the mother of sultan Abdülaziz in 1874. (Name Aziziye refers to Abdülaziz)


The architectural style is a mixture of boroque and traditional Ottoman architecture. Nevertheless, it has many features which make it one of a kind. It is a double minaret building. In each minaret the balcony (Turkish: şerefe) roof is supported with columns which makes the mosque unique in Turkey. Unlike most other mosques its main floor is elevated and a ladder is used to reach the main floor. Also the floorspace is not wide and there is no yard. Because of the same reason Sadirvans (şadırvan, water fountains), are adjacent to minarets. The praying hall is square shaped and its ceiling is a big dome. The nartex has three smaller domes on six marble pillars.[2] Another interesting feature of the mosque is its windows which are wider than the doors.

Building material[edit]

The main building material is cut stone. Bluish marble has been used in the construction of mimber and mihrab.



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