Santo Bugito

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Santo Bugito
Genre Children's Programming
Created by Arlene Klasky
Developed by Arlene Klasky
Gabor Csupo
Voices of Marabina Jaimes
Tony Plana
Charlie Adler
Joan Van Ark
George Kennedy
Candi Milo
William Sanderson
Michael Stanton
Cheech Marin
Henry Gibson
David Paymer
Composer(s) Mark Mothersbaugh
Bob Mothersbaugh
Bruce Young Berman
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Production company(s) Anivision[1]
Original network CBS

Santo Bugito is a 1995 animated cartoon series produced and developed by Klasky-Csupo for CBS and created by Arlene Klasky.[2][3] It ran for thirteen episodes and revolved around the goings on in a fictional community of insects. Notable achievements of this series included a revival of the insect-community genre (little of which had been seen since Mr. Bug Goes to Town), and voice cameos from well known performers such as James Belushi. The regular cast included Tony Plana, William Sanderson Henry Gibson, George Kennedy, Cheech Marin and Joan Van Ark. The show has also aired on ITV, Nickelodeon and Pop in the United Kingdom and on ABC in Australia.


Santo Bugito is set in a titular border town between Texas and Mexico, populated by various anthropomorphic insects. Carmen De La Antchez (Marabina Jaimes) is the show's protagonist, an ant who runs a restaurant in the town with her husband, Paco (Tony Plana). The town is populated by other insects, including two brash American flies, Clem (William Sanderson) and Burt (Michael Stanton), a hyperactive flea named Lencho (Cheech Marin), a cynical artist termite named Eaton Woode (Charles Adler), a butterfly named Rosa (Candi Milo) and her boyfriend Miguel who is still in his cocoon, Amelia (Joan Van Ark), an enthusiastic damselfly, Ralph, a large friendly lady bug with a rather deep voice (George Kennedy) and a praying mantis professor who occasionally interrupts the show to give dull educational lectures, but is usually pushed off-screen by another character.

The show primarily deals with slice of life stories, but often with a strange insect twist. Some episodes include the town still trying to operate when Carmen is bedridden with a broken leg ("The Carmen Tango"), Lencho trying to attract a famous black widow spider dancer to perform in the town ("A Widow Goes a Long Way"), and one where a mosquito lawyer named Emma Squito comes to town, and everyone in the town is caught up in a suing frenzy, in exchange for Emma sucking the blood from each of her clients ("Sue City"). A mariachi band of ants occasionally narrates the action with music.

List of episodes[edit]

  • 1: Load O' Bees
  • 2: Sue City
  • 3: Splitsville
  • 4: The Carmen Tango
  • 5: Cupid Vs. Clem
  • 6: Swiped
  • 7: A Widow Goes a Long Way
  • 8: The Carnivore Kid
  • 9: Lost Cause
  • 10: How To Eat People and Make New Friends
  • 11: My Name Is Revenge
  • 12: Bugged Bug
  • 13: Buenos Roaches



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