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Saravana271205 800 2.jpg
Directed by K. S. Ravikumar
Produced by Amudha DuraiRaj
Written by K. S. Ravikumar
Story by Boyapati Srinu
Starring Silambarasan
Prakash Raj
Radha Ravi
Nizhalgal Ravi
Music by Srikanth Deva
Cinematography Arthur A.Wilson
Edited by K. Thanikachalam
Release date
14 January 2006
Language Tamil

Saravana is a 2006 Tamil action drama film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It is a love story set in the backdrop of a village war starring Silambarasan, Jyothika, Prakash Raj, Vivek, Radha Ravi, Devadarshini, Nagesh, and others. The film was a high-budget production and the soundtrack was composed by Srikanth Deva. It was released on Pongal day in 2006, along with Paramasivan, Aadhi and Pasa Kiligal. It is a remake of 2005 Telugu film, Bhadra starring Ravi Teja and Meera Jasmine.[1]


The movie begins with the engagement of Saravana's (Silambarasan) sister (Tharika). The house is full of joy and laughter, awaiting the return of Saravana from college. However, when Saravana returns, the family members are shocked. He has brought home a distraught and frightened girl, whom he introduces as his friend, Sadhana (Jyothika).

The marriage preparations continue, with everyone wondering who the mysterious girl is. Saravana's uncle (Nizhalgal Ravi), however, cannot control his emotions. He wants his daughter (Meghna Naidu) to marry Saravana, and is afraid that Sadhana will spoil this. Eventually, Saravana's uncle confronts him about Sadhana. Saravana gets upset and an argument ensues. Later, as Saravana and Sadhana go to a restaurant to eat, a gang comes. Saravana chases them for a while, and beats all of them up. Realising he has left Sadhana behind, Saravana returns to the restaurant. However, Sadhana is not there. Frightened, he returns home, to find Sadhana there. She was rescued by her brother's assistant. Finally, Saravana's father (Radha Ravi) forces him to tell them what is going on. Then, a flashback begins.

Saravana and Krishna (Five Star fame Krishna) are close friends. One day, Saravana sees Krishna's sister, Sadhana, on a video recording and immediately falls in love with her. At that moment, she is studying in London. After learning that she would be going home for the holidays, he follows Krishna home for the holidays, in an attempt to woo her. When he arrives at the village, Saravana is greeted by Krishna's elder brother Soundarapandi (Prakash Raj). Soundarapandi's wife (Easwari Rao) treats Saravana like a brother and dotes on him. Eventually, Saravana is told about the caste clashes occurring in the village.

Soon, Sadhana arrives. Saravana tries hard to impress her but faces many difficulties. Strangely, he does not tell her about his love and devotion. However, the other family members eventually become aware of his love, and they approve of him. When Sadhana takes Saravana to the temple for a visit without anyone's knowledge, the rival group is attacked by Sadhana's brother's gang. The rival then holds Sadhana hostage and threatens to kill her. In a swift action of bravery and skill, Saravana knocks down the rival group member.

After this incident, Soundarapandi tells Saravana why things are so violent in the village. He explains how he is a master's degree holder from a prestigious university and how his wife is also a master's degree holder. Unfortunately, due the nature of the villages, the rivalry is deadly and fatal. He ultimately says, even though the villages are violent, he will remain a noble person, with high ideals. At the temple festival, Soundarapandi carries a plate with the saree that Saravana bought for Sadhana before coming to the village. He wants to seek the blessings of the goddess Amman for the marriage. However, Sadhana is unaware of this. Trouble ensues when the rival gang kill the rest of Sadhana's family, forcing Saravana and Sadhana to flee the village. Soundarapandi's last wish was for Saravana to take care of Sadhana and marry her.

The story shifts back to Saravana's household, and Saravana plans to send Sadhana to London. This is because the enemy will not be able to find her there. His family does not approve because they know of his love for her. By now, Sadhana has also fallen in love with him and his family. However, she agrees to leave because she thinks that he has no such feelings for her. Soundarapandi's assistant, who managed to escape the village, gives Sadhana the green saree, saying that it was supposed to be her brother's gift to her.

On the day Sadhana is supposed to leave to London, she wears the green saree. At the airport, she meets Saravana's college mate. The girl tells Sadhana about Saravana's devotion for her. She also tells her that the green saree was bought by Saravana after much deliberation, and that she had to endure his torture of visiting many shops to find the perfect saree. Sadhana is surprised. She realises she cannot leave Saravana, and leaves the airport. She manages to find Saravana, who is fighting the villains. At the end, they embrace and the movie ends.


Jyothika was selected as the lead heroine making her Second collaboration with Silambarasan.


It's the second time Simbu and Jyothika are coming together after the success of Manmadhan (2004). Saravana is the remake of the successful Teja-Meera Jasmine-starrer Bhadra, an action-oriented entertainer, which has Prakashraj, Eeswari Rao, Brahmaji, Pradeep Rawat, Subburaj re-enacting their roles they had played in the original Telugu version.

A fight scene was picturised at the airport where Simbu and Jyothika took part. Some stuntmen were also present. It was a scene where an attempt is made to kill Jyotika as she drives to the airport, to catch a flight to go abroad. A song was picturised on Meghna Naidu and Simbu on sets erected at AVM, Prasad Studios and Mohan Studios.[2]


There are six songs, composed by Srikanth Deva:


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