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The Scottish Prohibition Party was a minor Scottish political party which advocated alcohol prohibition.

The party was founded in 1901. In its early years, Bob Stewart acted as the party's full-time organiser.[1] In 1908, Stewart and Edwin Scrymgeour were elected to Dundee Town Council.

From the 1908 by-election onwards, Scrymgeour stood for the party in the Dundee constituency. Stewart acted as his election agent in 1910, but fell out with him over his religiosity. He led a Marxist split, the Prohibition and Reform Party, which merged with the Communist Party of Great Britain in 1920.[1]

Scrymgeour was finally elected as M.P. for Dundee at the general election of 1922, when he and the Labour candidate E. D. Morel defeated Winston Churchill.[2] In Parliament, on issues other than prohibition, he generally supported the Labour Party.

Scrymgeour lost his seat at the general election of 1931.[3] The party was disbanded in 1935, against the wishes of Scrymgeour.

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