Sealand National Football Association

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Sealand National Football Association
Sealand Coat of Arms.svg
Founded 2003
President Neil Forsyth
Head Neil Forsyth

The Sealand National Football Association (abbreviated as SNFA) is the official governing body for the sport of association football for the Principality of Sealand. It was founded in 2003 by Prince of Sealand Michael Bates, and it administers the Sealand national football team.

The SNFA is not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA, but it is associated with the Nouvelle Fédération-Board, a football sanctioning body for non-recognised states and states that are not members of FIFA. It joined the N.F.-Board provisionally in 2005, gaining associate status in 2006.[1]

Until 2006, the SNFA was based in Denmark and all of the players on the national team were members of Vestbjerg Vintage Idrætsforening, a veterans side from Aalborg. However, later on that year, the Danish-based SNFA ceased its activities in Denmark, and Sealandic football took a break.

The SNFA resumed its activities in 2009, and on December 23 that year, Neil Forsyth was appointed the new head of the revived governing body and the head coach for the national side.[2]

The national team has played three international matches so far, and has maintained a record of scoring in every game. See Sealand national football team for more information on the results.