Second Chifley Ministry

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Chifley Ministry
Flag of Australia.svg
34th cabinet of Australia
Date formed 1 November 1946
Date dissolved 19 December 1949
People and organisations
Head of state George VI (represented by the Duke of Gloucester), later William McKell
Head of government Ben Chifley
Member party Labor
Status in legislature Labor Majority Government
Opposition cabinet Liberal/Country Coalition
Opposition party Labor
Opposition leader Robert Menzies
Predecessor Second Chifley
Successor Fourth Menzies

The Second Chifley Ministry was the thirty-fourth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and held office from 1 November 1946 to 19 December 1949.[1]

Australian Labor Party

  • Rt Hon Ben Chifley, MP: Prime Minister and Treasurer
  • Hon Dr H.V. Evatt, KC MP: Attorney-General, Minister for External Affairs
  • Hon Jack Holloway, MP: Minister for Labour and National Service
  • Senator Hon Bill Ashley: Minister for Supply and Shipping (to 6 April 1948), Minister for Shipping and Fuel (from 6 April 1948)
  • Hon Eddie Ward, MP: Minister for Transport, Minister for External Territories
  • Hon William Scully, MP: Vice-President of the Executive Council
  • Hon John Dedman, MP: Minister for Defence, Minister for Postwar Reconstruction, Minister in charge of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Hon Arthur Drakeford, MP: Minister for Air, Minister for Civil Aviation
  • Senator Hon Don Cameron: Postmaster-General
  • Hon Arthur Calwell, MP: Minister for Information, Minister for Immigration
  • Hon Herbert Johnson, MP: Minister for the Interior
  • Senator Hon Nick McKenna: Minister for Health, Minister for Social Services
  • Senator Hon John Armstrong: Minister for Munitions (to 6 April 1948), Minister for Supply and Development (from 6 April 1948)
  • Hon Claude Barnard, MP: Minister for Repatriation
  • Hon Cyril Chambers, MP: Minister for the Army
  • Senator Hon Ben Courtice: Minister for Trade and Customs
  • Hon Nelson Lemmon, MP: Minister for Works and Housing
  • Hon Reg Pollard, MP: Minister for Commerce and Agriculture
  • Hon Bill Riordan, MP: Minister for the Navy


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