Second League of Serbia and Montenegro

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Second League of Serbia and Montenegro
CountrySerbia and Montenegro
Number of teams16-20
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toFirst League of Serbia and Montenegro
Relegation toSerbian League
Montenegrin League
Domestic cup(s)Serbia and Montenegro Cup
International cup(s)UEFA Cup
UEFA Intertoto Cup

The Second League of Serbia and Montenegro was the second tier of the football league system in Serbia and Montenegro, one level below the First League of Serbia and Montenegro.


Formed in 1992 after the breakup of Yugoslavia, it consisted of a single league for the first four seasons of its formation before splitting into regional leagues from 1996. In 2004 the league was divided into two groups, Group Serbia and Group Montenegro. In 2005, Second League was split into the Serbian First League and the Montenegrin First League, one year before the split of the country.

From 1992 to 1996, the division was split into two groups of 10; Group A (known as IIA) for the top seeded teams and Group B (IIB) for the other teams. After the first half of the season, when all teams have played each other twice in their respective group, the bottom four teams of the IIA group are replaced with the top four teams of IIB for the second half of the season. At the end of the season, performance-based bonus points are applied and the standings from both groups are collated to determine the champions, promotion and relegation, and which group the remaining teams will start next season in.

The two-group format was scrapped in 1996 and the division was split geographically into parallel leagues, starting with Eastern and Western sections until 1999. A Northern section was included to the tier in 1999 and in 2000, a Southern section was added containing only Montenegrin teams.

List of champions[edit]


Season Champions Runners-up Third place
1992–93 Jastrebac Niš (1)  Sloboda Užice  Rudar Pljevlja
1993–94 Borac Čačak (1) Obilić Novi Pazar
1994–95  Mladost Lučani  (1) Čukarički Mladost Bački Jarak
1995–96 Budućnost Valjevo (1) OFK Kikinda Železnik


Season Region Champions Runners-up Third place
1996–97 East Priština (1) Palilulac Beograd Radnički Pirot
West Sartid Smederevo Radnički Kragujevac Čelik Nikšić
1997–98 East Milicionar (1) Zvezdara Mladost Apatin
West Mogren Čelik Nikšić Mladi Radnik
1998–99 East Čukarički (1) Hajduk Beograd  Zvezdara 
West Borac Čačak (2) Sutjeska Nikšić  Bane 


Season Region Champions Runners-up Third place
1999–00 North Beograd (1) Novi Sad Radnički Beograd
East Napredak Kruševac (5) Železničar Lajkovac Budućnost Valjevo
West Zeta (1) Mladost Lučani Novi Pazar


Season Region Champions Runners-up Third place
2000–01 North Mladost Apatin (1) Proleter Zrenjanin Radnički Beograd
East Zvezdara (1) Hajduk Beograd Dubočica
South Rudar Pljevlja (1) Bokelj Mogren
West Mladost Lučani (2) Borac Čačak Železničar Lajkovac
2001–02 North Radnički Obrenovac (1) Budućnost Banatski Dvor Novi Sad
East Radnički Niš (2) Napredak Kruševac Mladenovac
South Mogren (1) Budućnost Podgorica Mornar
West Javor Ivanjica (1) Borac Čačak Bane
2002–03 North Budućnost Banatski Dvor (1) Mladost Apatin Radnički Beograd
East Napredak Kruševac (6) Mladi Radnik Timok
South Kom (1) Bokelj Budućnost Podgorica
West Borac Čačak (3) Bane Šumadija 1903
2003–04 North Radnički Beograd (1) Mladost Apatin Novi Sad
East Hajduk Beograd (1) OFK Niš Radnički Niš
South Budućnost Podgorica (2) Bokelj Grbalj
West Čukarički (2) Rad Jedinstvo Ub


Season Region Champions Runners-up Third place
2004–05 Serbia Budućnost Banatski Dvor (2) Javor Ivanjica Rad
Montenegro Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje (1) Kom Dečić