Seri Wawasan Bridge

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Seri Wawasan Bridge
Jambatan Seri Wawasan
Jambatan Seri Wawasan 4493633704 3cbff54de1.jpg
Coordinates 2°55′41.1″N 101°41′3.0″E / 2.928083°N 101.684167°E / 2.928083; 101.684167Coordinates: 2°55′41.1″N 101°41′3.0″E / 2.928083°N 101.684167°E / 2.928083; 101.684167
Carries Motor vehicles, Pedestrians
Crosses Putrajaya Lake
Locale Lebuh Seri Wawasan
Official name Seri Wawasan Bridge
Maintained by Perbadanan Putrajaya
Design cable-stayed bridge
Total length 240 m
Width 37.2 m
Longest span 168.5 m
Designer PJSI Consultants
Constructed by Perbadanan Putrajaya
Opened 2003

The Seri Wawasan Bridge is one of the main bridges in the planned city Putrajaya, the new (2001) Malaysian federal territory and administrative centre. This futuristic asymmetric cable-stayed bridge with a forward-inclined pylon has a sailing ship appearance, accented at night with changeable color lighting. The bridge, also called Bridge No. 9,[1] crosses Putrajaya Lake, an artificial lake made to provide natural cooling, and connects Precinct 2 on the Core Island, where the main government buildings are located, to the residential area of Precinct 8, 9.[2]


Seri Wawasan: Forward stay cables anchored on outer edges of bridge deck
Seri Wawasan: Structural steel tie back and back stay cables anchored off roadway in Precinct 8

The Seri Wawasan Bridge is a longitudinally asymmetric cable‐stayed box-girder bridge with a inverted-Y shape concrete/steel pylon 96m high. The main span, 165m long, is supported by 30 pairs of forward stay cables, anchored on the 75° forward‐inclined pylon and on the outer edges of the bridge deck, arranged in a fan shape pattern from the side elevation. To counter balance these front stays, a combination of 21 pairs of cable backstays and structural steel tie back was used. The back stay anchored at the (next-) highest point of the pylon is anchored at the curved backstay anchorage point (next-) nearest to the pylon, creating a crisscross‐over pattern from the side elevation,[3] which adds to the aesthetic of the bridge. The overall complexity of the back stay tie back structure, however, may be aesthetically distracting.[4] The inclined concrete pylon and the backstays are anchored into bore piled foundation off the roadway in precinct 8.

The bridge carries a dual three lane carriageways of 18.6m width each, comprising 3 x 3.5m width lanes, 0.5 m hard shoulder, 0.5m marginal strip. The median is 4 m wide and walkway cum cycle track width is 5.1m giving a total width of 37.2m at the centre of the bridge.


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