Shakujii River

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Shakujii River and cherry blossoms

The Shakujii River (石神井川?, Shakujii-gawa) is a river which flows through the northwest quadrant of central Tokyo, Japan. Its source is in the district of Hana-koganei-minami-chō, in the city of Kodaira. At Horifune, Kita-ku, it empties into the Sumida River. With a total length of 25.2 km and a watershed of 61.6 km², it is categorized as a 1st class river by the Japanese government.

The famous wooden plank bridge for which Itabashi-ku is named crossed the Shakujii at Nakajuku. The bridge has now been replaced by a modern ferroconcrete structure.

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35°45′28″N 139°44′52″E / 35.757859°N 139.747792°E / 35.757859; 139.747792Coordinates: 35°45′28″N 139°44′52″E / 35.757859°N 139.747792°E / 35.757859; 139.747792 (confluence with Sumida River)