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The Sherbrooke City Council (in French: Conseil municipal de Sherbrooke) is the governing body for the mayor–council government in the city of Sherbrooke, in the Estrie region of Quebec. The council consists of a mayor and 19 councillors.

The councillors each sit both on the main city council and on separate borough councils, which serve a similar function for business that the city delegates to its boroughs instead of to the primary government. The city's two smallest boroughs, Brompton and Lennoxville, each elect only a single representative to the main city council, and thus each also elect two representatives who serve only as borough councillors and do not sit on the main citywide body. In the four larger boroughs, however, only the borough's regular city councillors sit on the borough council.




  • City councillor: Nicole Bergeron
  • Borough councillor (District 1.1 Beauvoir): Kathleen Gélinas
  • Borough councillor (District 1.2 Moulins): Benoît Dionne


  • City councillor (District 2.1 Pin-Solitaire): Hélène Dauphinais
  • City councillor (District 2.2 Quatre-Saisons): Vincent Boutin
  • City councillor (District 2.3 Desranleau): Danielle Berthold
  • City councillor (District 2.4 Lavigerie): Louida Brochu
  • City councillor (District 2.5 Marie-River): Rémi Demers


  • City councillor: David Price
  • Borough councillor (District 3.1 Uplands): Linda Boulanger
  • Borough councillor (District 3.2 Fairview): Claude Charron


  • City councillor (District 4.1 Centre-Sud): Serge Paquin
  • City councillor (District 4.2 Ascot): Robert Pouliot
  • City councillor (District 4.3 Croix-Lumineuse): Nicole A. Gagnon
  • City councillor (District 4.4 Université): Jean-François Rouleau

Rock Forest–Saint-Élie–Deauville[edit]

  • City councillor (District 5.1 Deauville): Diane Délisle
  • City councillor (District 5.2 Châteaux-d'Eau): Bruno Vachon
  • City councillor (District 5.3 Rock Forest): Annie Godbout
  • City councillor (District 5.4 Saint-Élie): Julien Lachance


  • City councillor (District 6.1 Beckett): Christine Ouellet
  • City councillor (District 6.2 Domaine-Howard): Chantal L'Espérance
  • City councillor (District 6.3 Montcalm): Marc Denault
  • City councillor (District 6.4 Carrefour): Pierre Tardif

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