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Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
42nd Parliament of British Columbia
Coat of arms or logo
FoundedJuly 20, 1871 (1871-07-20)
Preceded byLegislative Council
Raj Chouhan, BC NDP
since December 7, 2020
John Horgan, BC NDP
since July 18, 2017
Kevin Falcon, BC Liberal
since May 16, 2022
Government House Leader
Mike Farnworth, BC NDP
since July 18, 2017
Opposition House Leader
Peter Milobar, BC Liberal[1]
since November 30, 2020
British Columbia 42nd Legislature Seating Plan.svg
Political groups
  •   New Democratic (57)


Third party

Last election
October 24, 2020
Next election
No later than October 19, 2024
Meeting place
BC Legislature Buildings.jpg
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Located in Victoria, British Columbia and officially opened in 1898 with a 150-metre-long facade (500 ft), central dome, two end pavilions, and a gold-covered statue of Captain George Vancouver, the British Columbia Parliament Buildings is home to the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.
The Parliament Buildings roof with a gold-covered statue of Captain George Vancouver
The Legislative Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia
The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia in session, 1921
The Legislative Chamber
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, Vancouver island

The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia is the deliberative assembly of the Parliament of British Columbia, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The Legislative Assembly meets in Victoria. Members are elected from provincial ridings and are referred to as members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Bills passed by the legislature are given royal assent by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, represented by the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.[2]

The current Parliament is the 42nd Parliament. The most recent general election was held on October 24, 2020. Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly are broadcast to cable viewers in the province by Hansard Broadcasting Services.

Recent parliaments[edit]

Parliament Period Government
Premier of British Columbia
Leader of the Opposition
Start End Party Name Party Name
1979 election
1979 1983 Social Credit Bill Bennett NDP Dave Barrett
1983 election
1983 1986 Social Credit Bill Bennett NDP Dave Barrett
Bob Skelly
1986 election
1987 1991 Social Credit Bill Vander Zalm NDP Bob Skelly
Rita Johnston
1991 election
1991 1996 NDP Mike Harcourt Liberal Gordon Wilson
Gordon Campbell
1996 election
1996 2001 NDP Glen Clark Liberal Gordon Campbell
Dan Miller
Ujjal Dosanjh
2001 election
2001 2005 Liberal Gordon Campbell NDP Joy MacPhail
2005 election
2005 2009 Liberal Gordon Campbell NDP Carole James
2009 election
2009 2013 Liberal Gordon Campbell NDP Carole James
Dawn Black
Christy Clark
Adrian Dix
2013 election
2013 2017 Liberal Christy Clark NDP Adrian Dix
John Horgan
2017 election
2017 2020 Liberal Christy Clark NDP John Horgan
NDP John Horgan Liberal Christy Clark
Rich Coleman
Andrew Wilkinson
2020 election
2020 (ongoing) NDP John Horgan Liberal Andrew Wilkinson
Shirley Bond
Kevin Falcon



Other chair occupants[edit]


House leaders[edit]

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