Siadar Wave Power Station

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Siadar Wave Power Station
Siadar Wave Power Station is located in Scotland
Siadar Wave Power Station
Location of Siadar Wave Power Station
Official name Siadar Wave Energy Project
Country Scotland, United Kingdom
Location Siadar Bay, Lewis
Coordinates 58°20′09″N 6°47′08″W / 58.3358°N 6.7856°W / 58.3358; -6.7856Coordinates: 58°20′09″N 6°47′08″W / 58.3358°N 6.7856°W / 58.3358; -6.7856
Status Proposed
Construction cost £30 million
Wave power facility
Type oscillating water column
Offshore site area Nearshore
Distance from shore 400 m (1,312 ft)
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 4 MW

The Siadar Wave Power Station (also known as Siadar Wave Energy Project or SWEP) was a proposed 4 MW wave farm 400 metres (1,300 ft) off the shore of Siadar Bay, in Lewis, Scotland.[1] The £30 million project, was to be built by Wavegen, received Scottish Government approval on 22 January 2009. Originally, the project was developed in cooperation with npower Renewables. However, in August 2011, npower Renewables left the project.[2] In 2012 project was cancelled.[3]

The wave station was proposed to be based on oscillating water column technology.[4] A 200-metre (660 ft) causeway will be constructed, and a breakwater with 10 concrete caissons, containing 36 to 40 Wells turbines, placed on the seabed.[5]

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