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Sibyl Wilbur O'Brien Stone
Sibyl Wilbur Stone.png
BornMay 27, 1871
DiedJuly 21, 1946
San Diego, California
OccupationBiographer, journalist

Sibyl Wilbur O'Brien Stone (May 27, 1871 – July 21, 1946), best known as Sibyl Wilbur, was an American journalist and author of a biography of Mary Baker Eddy.


Wilbur from December 1906 – 1907 wrote a series of articles about the life of Mary Baker Eddy in the Boston magazine Human Life.[1]

In 1907, Wilbur authored the book The Life of Mary Baker Eddy. It was financed and published by John V. Dittemore and became the first church-authorized biography.[2][3] It was reprinted numerous times.[4]

It was written from a Christian Science viewpoint and portrayed Eddy in an idealized manner.[4][5] Eddy endorsed the book.[6][7]

Dittemore later denounced the book commenting "the contents of that volume were mostly provided for the author from church sources, and in the light of subsequent knowledge have largely proved unreliable."[2]

Gaius Glenn Atkins criticized the book, noting that it "touches lightly or omits altogether those passages in Mrs. Eddy's life which do not fit in with the picture which Mrs. Eddy herself and the church desire to be perpetuated."[8]

Wilbur was a San Diego Branch Member of the National League of American Pen Women and a member of the New England Woman's Press Association.[9][10]



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