Sierra Pelona Mountains

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Sierra Pelona Mountains
Sierra Pelona Mountains.JPG
View from Santa Clarita
Highest point
Peak Burnt Peak[1]
Elevation 5,791 ft (1,765 m)
Coordinates 34°36′56.5″N 118°33′54.0″W / 34.615694°N 118.565000°W / 34.615694; -118.565000Coordinates: 34°36′56.5″N 118°33′54.0″W / 34.615694°N 118.565000°W / 34.615694; -118.565000
Sierra Pelona Mountains is located in California
Sierra Pelona Mountains
Location of Sierra Pelona Mountains in California [2]
Country United States
State California
Counties Los Angeles and Kern
Parent range Transverse Ranges
Borders on San Emigdio Mountains and Tehachapi Mountains

The Sierra Pelona Mountains,[3] or the Sierra Pelona Ridge, is a mountain range in the Transverse Ranges of Southern California.[4] They are located within Los Angeles (northwest) and Kern (southern) Counties.


The Sierra Pelona Mountains lie northwest of the San Gabriel Mountains. They are flanked on the south by the Santa Clarita Valley and on the north by the Antelope Valley. The San Andreas Fault runs to their north. Within the Sierra Pelonas can be found the rural areas of Three Points, Lake Hughes, Elizabeth Lake and Green Valley, as well as Liebre Mountain, Burnt Peak, Sawmill Mountain, Grass Mountain and Mount McDill.

The Tejon Pass separates the Sierra Pelonas, the San Emigdios and the Tehachapis near Gorman and Lebec. The Vasquez Rocks are in the southern section.

Snow is frequent in the high areas of the range during the winters. The mountains are prone to wildfires in the summer and fall, during which the Santa Ana winds may blow.

Cultural history[edit]

The Sierra Pelona Mountains were the homeland of the Tataviam and Serrano Native American Native American Californian people. They traded with the Tongva and Chumash people to the south and west, until the Spanish invasion and subsequent colonization relocated them from their Sierra Pelona and Santa Susana Mountains homelands.

Highest peaks[edit]

  • Burnt Peak 5,788 ft (1,764 m)
  • Liebre Mountain 5,760+ ft (1756+ m)
  • Sawmill Mountain 5,514 ft (1681 m)
  • Jupiter Mountain 4,498 ft (1,371 m)
  • Redrock Mountain (benchmark) 3,991 ft (1,216 m)

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