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Ossian Brown
Occupation(s) Musician
Associated acts Coil, Cyclobe, Shirley Collins

Ossian Brown is an English musician and artist. He is notable for being a member of the music groups Coil and Cyclobe.[1] Ossian Brown's first book Haunted Air was published in 2010 by Jonathan Cape in the United Kingdom,[2] with an introduction by David Lynch[3] and an afterword by Geoff Cox. In 2015 Brown contributed to the album Who Is the Sender? by singer songwriter Bill Fay, appearing on the opening track "The Geese Are Flying Westward".[4] He played hurdy-gurdy for the English folk singer Shirley Collins on her album 'Lodestar', released by Domino Records in November 2016. This was Collins’ first album since For As Many As Will (1978), and was recorded and pre-produced by Brown and his partner Stephen Thrower in Collins' cottage in Lewes, East Sussex. Brown also contributed an original piece to Lodestar, titled "The Split Ash Tree".


with Coil[edit]

with Cyclobe[edit]

  • Luminous Darkness (1999)
  • The Visitors (2001)
  • Pathfinder/Remember Archangels Protect Us... (2003)
  • Each and Every Word Must Die (2004)
  • Angry Eelectric Finger 2: Paraparaparallelogrammatica (2004) (Collaboration with Nurse With Wound)
  • The Eclipser/The Moths of Pre-Sleep (2010)
  • Wounded Galaxies Tap at the Window (2010)
  • Augural Sun (2010)
  • Ayin Acla (2011)
  • Sulphur-Tarot-Garden (2014)

with Current 93[edit]

with Bill Fay[edit]

with Shirley Collins[edit]

  • Lodestar (2016)

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