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Ivan with Sleazy.jpg
Background information
Genres Electronic music, experimental music
Years active 2007–2010
Associated acts Coil, The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, CoH
Past members Peter Christopherson
Ivan Pavlov

Soisong was a musical collaboration between Peter Christopherson and Ivan Pavlov (a.k.a. COH). They released an album and an EP, along with some digital releases. Their website allows you to access slideshows of journeys made by Peter, along with a password bar which allows you to access the early versions for a respective release by typing its name. All of their CD releases were shaped like octagons, so as to limit the listener from accessing the album's files via a computer drive and enforce the use of a CD player.


  • Soi-Jin-No-Hi CDEP / free download EP from (2008)
  • xAj3z CD housed in fold out custom sleeve with colour inlay (2009)
  • Soisong Split 2xEP CDEP (COH tracks) + free download from (unreleased Sleazy material) (2012)
  • Test Run #7 Bonobo Ltd Release Registration of the live performance Test Run #7 in Bar Bonobo sealed in a CD Player (2012)

Live performances[edit]

  • Test Run Tour 2008
09.03.2008 Bar Bonobo, Tokyo, Japan (TEST RUN #7)
09.05.2008 Futuro Presente Festival, Rovereto, Italy (SOISONG BLUE)
11.05.2008 Culture Box, Copenhagen, Denmark
17.05.2008 Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
24.05.2008 Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
28.05.2008 Club Ikra, Moscow, Russia
13.06.2008 Synch 2008 Festival, Athens, Greece
  • Soisong Reunion Tour 2009
23.10.2009 OK Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz, Austria
29.10.2009 Club Ikra, Moscow, Russia
30.10.2009 A2, St. Petersburg, Russia
06.11.2009 Wroclaw Industrial Festival, Wroclaw, Poland
09.11.2009 Stadtgarten, Cologne, Germany
  • Soisong Split Show 2010
05.06.2010 Hau 2 Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany (without Peter Christopherson)

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