Sir Ulick Burke, 3rd Baronet

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Sir Ulick Burke, 3rd Baronet (also Ulliac Búrca) (died 1708) of Glinsk, was an Irish County Galway landowner and politician. He was the son of Sir Edmund Burke, 2nd Baronet. The family resided at Glinsk Castle. Ulick Burke espoused the cause of King James II and was an MP for Galway County in the Patriot Parliament of 1689, and was included in the articles of the Treaty of Limerick. He married Ismay, fourth daughter of Colonel John Kelly of Skreen, County Roscommon. He died without issue in 1708 and was succeeded by his half brother, John Burke, 4th Baronet. Sir Ulick was immortalised by the Irish composer and musician Turlough O'Carolan is his songs Ulliac Búrca (Ulick Burke) and Marbhna Uillioc Búrca (Lament for Sir Ulick Burke).

Preceded by
Edmund Bourke
Burke baronets
Succeeded by
John Burke

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