Siren (magazine)

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Siren (magazine).jpg
Frequency Bimonthly
Publisher More sex please! Press
Year founded 1995
Final issue 2004
Based in Toronto, Ontario
ISSN 1205-6251
OCLC number 36492683

Siren was a bimonthly Canadian magazine, published in Toronto, Ontario for the city's lesbian community.[1]

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was launched in 1995 by a women's collective of volunteers.[2][3] Its popularity increased in late 1996, around the time the lesbian monthly magazine Quota ceased publication.[4] It underwent a controversial editorial revamp in 2002, ending its association with its regular contributors in favour of a more freelance story and contribution structure. The magazine was quoted in a discussion paper released by the Ontario Human Rights Commission about extending rights for transsexuals.[5] One of the columns that appeared regularly in the magazine was titled "Dykes n' tykes".[6]

Noted contributors to the magazine included Sheila Cavanagh and Debra Anderson.

The magazine ceased publication in 2004 due to financial problems.[2]


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