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Solbus Soltour ST11 in Kielce, Poland
Solbus Solcity SN11M in Kielce, Poland
LNG gas powered city bus Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG
Solbus Solcity SM18 in Kielce, Poland

Solbus is a Polish bus manufacturer founded in 2001 in Solec Kujawski.[1] It has been described as one of the "major players in Poland's automotive industry".[2] In 2005 it accounted for 20% of bus production in Poland, and was named by the business daily Puls Biznesu as the best company[3] and one of the three fastest growing companies[4] in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. Currently it produces approximately 100-150 buses a year.

Products - buses[edit]

Actual offer:

  • Tourist coaches
    • Solbus Soltour ST10
    • Solbus Soltour ST11
  • Intercity buses
    • Solbus Soltour ST10/I
    • Solbus Soltour ST11/I
    • Solbus Solway SL10
    • Solbus Solway SL11
  • Local buses
    • Solbus Solcity SN11L
  • City buses
    • Solbus Solcity SN11M
    • Solbus Solcity SM12
    • Solbus Solcity SM12 LNG
    • Solbus Solcity SM18 - new
    • Solbus Solcity SM18 LNG - new

Historical buses:

  • Tourist coaches
    • Solbus LH 9,5
    • Solbus C 10,5/1
  • Intercity buses
    • Solbus C 9,5
    • Solbus C 10,5
  • City buses
    • Solbus B 9,5

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