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Soltam Systems
Founded1950; 70 years ago (1950)
FounderShlomo Zabludowicz
Key people
CEO. Col (res) David Marchiano
ProductsFire support
RevenueIncrease US$ 150 million (2007)
OwnerElbit Systems
Number of employees
350 (2007)
Soltam Systems Sholef
Soltam Systems ATMOS 2000

Soltam Systems (Hebrew: סולתם מערכות‎) is an Israeli defense contractor located in Yokneam, Israel. The company has been developing and manufacturing advanced artillery systems, mortars, ammunition and peripheral equipment since 1952. Soltam Systems serves armed and special forces in more than 60 countries. Among the company's major customers are the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the United States Army and NATO countries.


Soltam was founded in 1950 by Shlomo Zabludowicz as the IDF artillery manufacturer. The company was founded as a joint venture between the Israeli Solel Boneh and Luxembourg-based Salgad (Societe Anonyme Luxembourgoise de Gestion et D'Administration) which was a fully owned subsidiary of the Finnish artillery and mortar manufacturer Tampella.[1]

In 1998, Koor Industries sold Soltam to MIKAL Group.[2]

In October 2010, Soltam was sold to Elbit Systems and is now entirely owned by them.[3]




Soltam designs and manufactures a wide range of mortars, to suit a variety of military applications. Soltam supplies a variety of mortars, such as backpacked, under turret, towed and self-propelled recoiling mortars on wheeled or tracked vehicles. All mortars are simple to operate and fast in deployment. Soltam mortars are made of high quality alloy steel for extra toughness and stability. mortar systems come with all auxiliary equipment necessary for field operation, including fire control computer, ballistic computer, INS, and target acquisition and location systems. All types of mortar ammunition in use worldwide are authorized to be used with Soltam mortars.[6]

  • M-66 160 mm mortar
  • 120 mm mortar
  • 81 mm mortar[7]
    • B499 Long Range
    • B502 Long Range Split Barrel
    • B599 Extended Range
    • CC8 vehicle mounted mortar
    • CARDOM Recoil Mortar System vehicle mounted mortar
  • 60 mm mortar
    • 60 mm commando mortars
    • 60 mm extended range mortars
    • Vehicle mounted 60 mm mortar - internal and external


Soltam manufactures a wide range of mortar ammunition, ranging in caliber and in use (High Explosive HE, Smoke and training). All mortars comply with NATO standards.

  • 160 mm
  • 120 mm
  • 81 mm
  • 60 mm

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