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Plasan Sasa Ltd.
Native name
פלסן סאסא בע"מ
TypePrivately held company
Founded1985; 36 years ago (1985)
Area served
Key people
Dani Ziv (CEO)
ProductsArmored vehicles, Ballistic vests
OwnerKibbutz Sasa
Number of employees
SubsidiariesPlasan USA

Plasan (Hebrew: פלסן‎) (incorporated as Plasan Sasa Ltd. and formerly as Plasan Sasa (ACS) Ltd.) is an Israeli based vehicle manufacturer.


Plasan Sasa, established in 1985, develops, manufactures, and assembles custom-built vehicle armor systems and chassis up-armor designs as well as Add-On Armor Protection Kits for lightweight military tactical trucks and APCs [Wheeled & Tracked], for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, commercial vehicles, and is a major supplier of personnel protection armor.

Plasan is a non-public company and is wholly owned by Kibbutz Sasa, a communal village of some 100 families in Northern Israel. It employs 1,300 people, including 650 in the United States and 180 in France.[1]

Plasan armor is widely used in the US military's MRAP vehicles.[2] US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said that Plasan's armor has saved countless American lives.[3] The company also sells to police and border guard forces worldwide. A special vehicle built for the military police of São Paulo, capable of transporting 24 fighters and equipped with diurnal and nocturnal vision systems was used during the Olympics in Brazil.[4]

Sasa's innovations include vehicular cabin, chassis and hull armor kits to protect personnel and equipment on MaxxPro, MRAP (Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected) and M-ATV (all-terrain) vehicles.[5]

Carbon composites[edit]

Plasan has an automotive composite manufacturing facility in Vermont formerly the Automotive division of Vermont Composites.[6] Plasan Carbon manufactures the carbon fiber fenders of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and the hood, fenders, roof, roof bow, lower rocker moldings and front splitter of the 2009 ZR1.[7][8] Plasan also molds the Rear Spoilers, Front Splitters, and Front Dive Planes for the 2008 Viper SRT-10 ACR. Plasan has also built in the past the splitter, Hood Assembly, and Mirror caps for the 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR.

Awards and recognition[edit]

In May 2017, Plasan Sasa and its CEO, Danny Ziv, received the National Defense Industrial Association's Red Ball Express award. The company was recognized by NDIA's Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Division.[9]


Vehicles with armored bodies designed and manufactured by Plasan

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