South East Cape

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South East Cape
Tasmania southern coast 1916.jpg
1916 map of the south coast of Tasmania, showing South East Cape
Map showing the location of South East Cape
Map showing the location of South East Cape
Location of South East Cape in Tasmania
LocationSouth Coast
Coordinates43°38′37″S 146°49′39″E / 43.64361°S 146.82750°E / -43.64361; 146.82750Coordinates: 43°38′37″S 146°49′39″E / 43.64361°S 146.82750°E / -43.64361; 146.82750
Official nameTasmanian Wilderness
Criteriaiii, iv, vi, vii, viii, ix, x
Inscription1982 (6th session)

The South East Cape is a cape located at the southernmost point of the main island of Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia.[1] The cape is situated in the southern and south-eastern corner of the Southwest National Park, part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, approximately 94 kilometres (58 mi) southwest of Hobart in Tasmania and about 65 kilometres (40 mi) east and a little south of the South West Cape.

Location and features[edit]

South East Cape from South Cape Bay

South East Cape is the southernmost point of the mainland of Tasmania but not of the state of Tasmania. The Maatsuyker Islands and the Pedra Branca island group, just offshore, are also part of the state of Tasmania and lie further south than South East Cape. The state of Tasmania also includes Macquarie Island, which is about 1,600 km SE of South East Cape.

South East Cape is one of the five southernmost capes that can be rounded by Southern Ocean sailors.

The cape is also a reference point for sectors of the southern coastline of Tasmania.[2] Much sea traffic passes near it, and many ships and boats have been wrecked or grounded there.[3]

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