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SpaceFM File Manager
Developer(s) IgnorantGuru
Stable release
1.0.5 / January 20, 2016; 17 months ago (2016-01-20)[1]
Written in C (GTK+)
Operating system Unix-like
Type File Manager
License GNU General Public License

SpaceFM SpaceFM is a desktop-independent multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager.


  • Built-in VFS, udev- or HAL-based device manager
  • Customizable menu system
  • Bash integration
  • Lightweight desktop manager


SpaceFM was originally developed from a fork of the legacy PCMan File Manager and later PCManFM-Mod. The internal virtual filesystem (VFS), was retained and extended.[2]

Due to the extensive changes in many parts of the project, SpaceFM was released with its new name as an alpha test version in January 2012.

In version 0.7.5, April 2012, SpaceFM replaced udisks with direct udev support for device detection and information. It also supported multiple mount solutions including udevil (a mount program developed specifically for SpaceFM), pmount, udisks v1 or v2, or any program. This update also allowed for support of network filesystems.

In October 2012, the GTK3 version of SpaceFM was introduced, which supports GTK2 or GTK3.

Subsequent improvements include extending the features of SpaceFM's Desktop Manager, a new Menu Item Properties dialog for adding and customizing menu items, socket commands for interacting with a running instance, and an improved panel configuration memory.


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