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Dolphin icon in Plasma 5.
Default view of Dolphin.
Default view of Dolphin in KDE Applications 15.08.
Original author(s) Peter Penz[1]
Developer(s) KDE
Initial release 2006; 12 years ago (2006)
Stable release 18.08.0 (12 July 2018; 2 months ago (2018-07-12)[2]) [±]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written in C++ (Qt)
Operating system Unix-like, Mac OS X, Windows[3]
Type File browser
License GNU General Public License v2
KDE mascot Konqi managing files.

Dolphin is a free and open source file manager included in the KDE Applications bundle which contains applications used primarily with the KDE Plasma 5 desktop. Dolphin became the default file manager of KDE-based desktop environments in the fourth iteration, termed KDE Software Compilation 4.[4] It could also be optionally installed on K Desktop Environment 3. Konqueror was replaced as the default file manager for KDE SC 4, but is still the default web browser and can be used as an alternative file manager for power users.

Under previous K Desktop Environment versions, Konqueror had served both as the default file manager and web browser. However, for many years users have been critical of Konqueror as being too complex for simple file navigation. As a response, the two functions were divided into two separate applications. Under KDE SC 4, Dolphin was streamlined for browsing files, while sharing as much code as possible with Konqueror. Konqueror continues to be developed primarily as a web browser.[5]

In 2014, work started on porting Dolphin to KDE Frameworks 5.[6] This is now complete and a Frameworks 5-based version was released as part of KDE Applications 15.08 in August 2015.[7]

Dolphin and K Desktop Environment 3[edit]

As development of the KDE SC 4 version was underway, the K Desktop Environment 3 version of Dolphin was discontinued. However, the program continues to be unofficially available for K Desktop Environment 3 under the slightly modified name of “D3lphin”. D3lphin contains many bugfixes and a new sidebar, but is no longer maintained.[8]


  • Breadcrumb navigation bar – each part of the URL is clickable
  • 3 view modes (Icons, Details and Compact), remembered for each folder
  • File Previews
  • Split views (for copying and moving files)
  • Network transparency – using KDE’s KIO slaves
  • Undo/Redo functionality
  • Tabbed navigation
  • Renaming of a variable number of selected items in one step
  • Baloo integration (including search, tagging, rating and commenting files)
  • Places bar which also integrates with the Kickoff launcher menu's “Computer” tab
  • Sorting and grouping of files by name, size, type and others


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