St. Benedict's College, Colombo

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St. Benedict's College
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St. Benedict's College is located in Colombo Municipality
St. Benedict's College
St. Benedict's College
Location in Colombo municipality
College Street , Kotahena, Colombo 13
Sri Lanka
Coordinates 6°56′55.19″N 79°51′52.34″E / 6.9486639°N 79.8645389°E / 6.9486639; 79.8645389Coordinates: 6°56′55.19″N 79°51′52.34″E / 6.9486639°N 79.8645389°E / 6.9486639; 79.8645389
Type Roman Catholic School
Motto Religio, Mores, Cultura
(Religion, Morals, Culture)
Established 1865
Director Rev. Bro. Henry Dissanayake
Principal Rev. Bro. Henry Dissanayake FSC
Staff 120
Grades 1 to 13 Local Syllabus
Gender Boys
Age 6 to 19
Pupils 2800
Colour(s) Green & White

St. Benedict's College (Sinhala: සාන්ත බෙනඩික් විදුහල, Tamil: புனித ஆசீர்வாதப்பர் கல்லூரி) is a Catholic school located in Kotahena area of Colombo, Sri Lanka. This school was founded in 1865 and is managed by Rev.Bro.Henry Dissanayake. The school is considered as one of the lip leading schools in Sri Lanka and also the oldest catholic schools in the island, with a history of over 150 years.


St. Benedict's College the oldest Roman Catholic school in Sri Lanka, was inaugurated in 1865 by the Benedictine Monks. The school consisted of few classrooms and a small staff at first. In 1868, the De La Salle Brothers took over the administration of the College. Since then the school has been headed by many Brothers who belonged to the La Sallian Community.

The past Directors of the College include Bro. Austin Anthony, Bro. Glastian Oliver, Bro. Alban Patrick, Bro. Athanace Charles, Bro. Osmund Gregory,Bro.Granvil and Bro. Anselm Calixtus.

Present College[edit]

Presently the College is headed by de la salle brothers FSC. The College provides education to around 3000 students with a staff of around 200+ teachers. Students are enrolled from Grade 1 to Grade 13 with the local syllabus in English Sinhala and Tamil mediums. London A/L syllabus is also available for the Advanced Level students in various streams. The College has performed exceptionally well in the recent Grade 5 Scholarship examinations, G.C.E. Ordinary Level examinations as well as the G.C.E. Advanced Level examinations. The College maintains a high conduct of Academic activities that encourage students to fulfill their academic careers in the apt way.

The College section consists of a Main Hall,Rev.Bro.James, Rev.Bro.Alexander and Rev.Bro.Luke Buildings, a Library, 2 Computer Laboratories, Lecture Hall, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories, 3 Music & Arts rooms and a Language Center.

The College also provides other facilities.

The College[edit]

The premises which accommodates grades six to thirteen (locally referred to as "the college") is situated adjacent to St. Lucia's Cathedral which serves as a landmark for the area. The Clock Tower building, Main Building, Rev. Bro. Luke Memorial Building, Rev. Bro. Alexander Memorial Building, Rev. Bro James Memorial Building, Rev. Bro Granville Perera Aquatic Centre and the Main Hall Building are the buildings that complete the College section. Academic facilities are provided throughout the College for various groups of students in combination with co-curricular and extra-curricular facilities to enhance the studentship lives.

The College staff consists of 120 individuals. Around 2800 students currently study at the College.

The College Prefects' Board consists of 50 students who are selected on their all-round performances and contributions towards the College. The Prefects make themselves available for many College activities such as special events, college occasions, general assemblies and day-to-day discipline.

The Primary[edit]

The Primary is situated apart from the College section headed by Rev.Bro.Benedict Bonaventure FSC. The 60 member strong staff provide education to around 1000 students in fields of academy, sports arts and music.

The Primary section consists of two main buildings, with classroom facilities of up to 40 classes, a library and a language unit. The Primary also has a Western band, Eastern band, Choir and Scout Troop on its own. The Primary Prefects board consists of 20 Prefects who attend all school occasions and keep the discipline of the young ones intact.

The St. Benedict's College Primary is the first such Primary section of a school in the country to have its own basketball court. It also has facilities for Table Tennis in addition to the main sports of cricket, tennis and swimming.


Around 2800 students gain education in 13 Grades under a qualified, talented and experienced Staff unit.

The Primary section, which is located apart from the College, educates those that enter the school during the initial years. Around 1000 pupils are handled by a staff of 60 teachers. The Primary section consists of classrooms, Library, Computer Laboratory, Music Hall and an Arts room. In addition the Primary students are given opportunities in taking part in Cub-Scouting, cadetting,Sports such as Cricket, Basketball and Swimming and Western and Eastern bands.

The College Section consists of Grades 6-13. There are also 2 Computer Laboratories, a Library, Music, Dancing and Arts rooms, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories and a Lecture Hall.


St. Benedict's College, since its inception in 1865, has been in the forefront of Sport in the Island, especially in Soccer and Basketball, produced nationals for both games . The school has been pioneers and front-runners of many sporting activities throughout the decades. The College produced the All-Island Champion Cricket team in 1964/65, was the first ever school to introduce Rugby to the Schooling sector in the whole country, became All-Island Athletic Champions in 2008, All-Island Football Champions in 2006, 2007 and 2008, All-Island Basketball Champions in 2006 & 2009 and All-Island Hockey Champions in 2007.[citation needed] The list of Sports at St. Benedict's College are as follows:

The College owns a Gymnasium. There's also a Sports-Hostel. The College grounds is situated at Bloemendhal Road, which consists of Cricket pitches and turf, Rugby posts, football goals and Hockey goals. It also provides facilities for various Athletic disciplines.

Within the College premises, the College has 2 Basketball Courts, of which one could be used for night games, a Gymnasium for Gymnastics and Acrobatics training and a state-of-the-art Swimming Pool with viewing facilities. The Swimming Pool was constructed in 2010.

Extra-curricular activities[edit]

Clubs and Societies:

Old Boys (OLD BOY'S UNION)[edit]

The Old Boys of St. Benedict's College play a huge role in the affairs and ventures of the college since 1904.[citation needed] All the past pupils who have passed through the gates of the school have always wanted to 'give back' to their alma mater. The Loyal Old Bens have been instrumental in all the projects, functions and special events of the college,[citation needed] by participating in them and sharing their experiences and thoughts. The Old Boys have set up many support bodies to help the college in every way possible. Old Boys Union is the main past pupils association while Welfare Society, Old Bens Sports Club and the Development Fund are the subsidiary units.

Board of Prefects[edit]

The Board of Prefects' of St.Benedict's College is one of the most prominent associations of the College. Through the years the board of Prefects' have served the College for 150 years.The current Head Prefect of the College is Mas. Ravintha Perera. The current head board for the year 2016 is ; Ravintha Perera (Head Prefect) Aakash Rayen (D.H.P) Ranul Perera (D.H.P).

Overseas OBU branches[edit]

Various OBU branches have been set up in different parts of the world by the ardent Old Boys of the College. The men living in different parts of the world have got together and created OBU branches as support bodies of their alma mater.

The various OBU branches are:

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