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Steiner Schools Australia refers to the fifty-two[1] Steiner or Waldorf educational institutions, thirty-six of which are governed by Steiner Education Australia (SEA)[2] and are located in each the States and Territories of Australia. As with all Steiner schools, teachers are given a large degree of flexibility in developing the curricula within the collegial structures.

Rudolf Steiner Schools of Australia[edit]

The Rudolf Steiner Schools of Australia (RSSA) is the governing body of the Steiner model education institutions within Australia, it represents thirty six of the Steiner schools as well as the four state sponsored schools operating under the Steiner model.[2] The Mission Statement of the RSSA[3] is:

  • To promote nationally the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner.
  • To represent member schools and their views at a political level.
  • To safeguard the integrity of Steiner Education in Australia.
  • Ensure best practice, both educationally and operationally, in member schools through the identification of needs and the provision of support services.
  • To assist with planning and support in the establishment of new schools.

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