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Stick With Me, Kid was a 13-part television series that aired in 1995 on the Disney Channel starring Kristopher Milnes and Leigh Lawson.


The show revolved around the life of Ripley Hillard (Milnes), a prodigious but troubled 13-year-old boy. After a diamond is stolen from the local museum, Ripley is determined to solve the case, but fails to attract any attention from the police, as he is only 13 years old. He then seeks the help of Grant Logan (Lawson), an out of work actor, to pose as a detective for him, as the police will only listen to the ideas of an adult.

The first two episodes revolve around the diamond theft, but the remaining 11 episodes focused on a different case each week. Grant would put on the act of the detective, but Ripley would always be the brains. Grant also helped Ripley with his personal problems such as being bullied at school and lack of a father.

List of the episodes[edit]

001.Stick with me, kid : Part 1

002.Stick with me, kid : Part 2

003.Cello, goodbye

004.Detectives in training

005.The wrath of Rahm

006. Every cloud has a silver lining

007. Frame up

008. A man of a couple faces

009. Mayhem at the Woodruff Cuff

010. Return of the Morlwagget

011. Don't toy with me

012. Charity chase

013. Damsel in this dress

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