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StixCamp is a BarCamp unconference hosted in a rural area. Organisers of StixCamps aim to engage the local community in technology, often by providing special 'how to' or introduction to technology sessions as part of the schedule. In doing so, a StixCamp aims to help break down the barriers to equitable participation in technology and ICT often faced by those who live in regional and rural locations.

The first StixCamp was held in Newstead, Victoria at the Welshmans Reef Vineyard on 14–15 March 2009.[1] In the tradition of BarCamps, it was organised primarily through social media networks such as Twitter and Identica, and supported by blogging tools and IRC.

Presentations were given on a wide range of topics, including;

Best Talk awards were given to Paul Fenwick for his presentation Hacking Other People's Brains and to James Vautin for his presentation on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Maxim Shkylar was awarded a Notable Mention for his presentation on XIML.

StixCampNewstead introduced the concept of 'StixBlitz' - a competition aimed at redeveloping the host venue's website in a short period of time.


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