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Super K
Directed by Vijay S. Bhanushali
Smita Maroo
Produced by Smita Maroo
Written by Vibha Singh
Jaspinder S. Kang
Distributed by Shemaroo Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Release date
  • 11 November 2011 (2011-11-11)
Running time
95 minutes
Country India
Language English

Super K (also known as Kiara the Brave in the United States) is a 2011 Indian animated film written by Vibha Singh and Jaspinder S. Kang and directed by Smita Maroo and Vijay S. Bhanushali. The film is produced by Smita Maroo. It was released by Shemaroo Entertainment.


Dreamzone is a special world in the Galaxy, ruled by the kind-hearted King Maximus with his daughter Princess Krira. Unknown to him, his brother Badmess is plotting to overthrow him. Badmess creates Super K, a boy superhero, using the powers of all the Dreamzonians. But a goof-up causes Super K to turn out a freak in Badmess view, unable to control his powers, and he is deserted by Badmess and let his minions literally name Accidentally and Suddenly to take care Super K. Badmess befriends the evil Dr. Ozox, a masked alchemist who has his own sinister plan to take over Dreamzone.

Super K and his friends come together to protect Dreamzone from the evil clutches of Dr. Ozox, but at the same time, Super K has to learn to control his powers.[1]


Release and reception[edit]

The film was released on Yahoo! Movieplex, a feature of the Yahoo! India web site, as an exclusively online animated feature film.[2][3][4] In 2012, it was released directly to video in the United States as Kiara the Brave, with cover art showing only princess Kiara (a secondary female character with red hair). This was considered by many to be an obvious attempt to remind consumers of the female, red-headed protagonist of Brave, a Disney/Pixar movie set in medieval Scotland.[5] Super K has been universally panned by critics and moviegoers.

In 2012 the film was also screened at the Dada Saheb Film Festival in Delhi. There it won the Best Feature Film Award in the animation category.[6] but in 2013, it received negative reviews and poor ratings due to its poor animation and story-telling. On IMDB, it received 1.5 stars out of 5 stars.

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