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Surra is a residential area located in Capital Governorate (Kuwait) in Kuwait. It is located west of Jabriya and east of Qurtuba. It has six residential blocks and is considered home to about 35,366 persons.[1]

The word "Surra" is an Arabic word meaning belly button. This name was chosen for the area because of its central location within Kuwait's urbanized land mass. Surra is considered a middle to upper-class residential area.

There are three major roads in Surra. The main road, "as-Surra Road," and "Ali 'ibn Abi Tālib Road," which crosses Surra from 4th Ring to 5th Ring roads, and also "Tariq Bin Ziyād Road" which leads to "Damascus Street."

Embassies in Surra[edit]

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Coordinates: 29°00′00″N 48°00′00″E / 29.0000°N 48.0000°E / 29.0000; 48.0000