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Warning signs for a camel are common in the region of the Arabian Peninsula and Swaihan
Arabian Camel is an icon for the town

Swaihan, also spelled Sweihan or Suwayḩān (Arabic: سويحان‎), is a town in the region of Al Ain, 70 km northwest of the city of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi emirate, United Arab Emirates. It is noted for its surrounding farms.[1]

Features of the village include: schools; a health centre; the Department of the Municipality, electricity and telecommunications; a bank; a police station; fire defence; a wedding hall; and the National Centre for Research of the Birds. The town of Swaihan was founded by the late Saif Al-Mashgouni.[2]


Coordinates: 24°27′44″N 55°20′13″E / 24.46222°N 55.33694°E / 24.46222; 55.33694