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Civil Rights[edit]

Were civil rights issues really 'suppressed'? What about brown vs. board of education, etc?

i think that this page should show more about the distance between the young and the old and their different expectations and so on. i think this is a good idea because i have noone i know alive who was in the fifties so i want to know what it was like to be a teenager back then.- nick

Suez Crisis[edit]

The Suez Crisis was a war fought on Egyptian territory in 1956. The conflict pitted Egypt against an alliance between the United Kingdom, France and Israel. The United States also played a crucial role, albeit not a military one.

I see this kind of thing too much in Wikipedia. The author expects everyone to read their minds instead of expounding upon their point. If the US played a crucial role, tell us what it was instead of telling us what it wasn't! This type of thing is infuriating.

Removed "Sydney ice is a dirty whore."[edit]

Removed "Sydney ice is a dirty whore." from "Decolonization: Algeria, Vietnam, and elsewhere.Sydney ice is a dirty whore." in war peace and politics. seams to be vandalism

Removed title "stupid stuff'[edit]

Someone had replaced the first title with 'Stupid stuff'. I got rid of that for you. Yeah.


Recap pictures.[edit]

Does anyone realize the missing recap pictures on the top right, which is present in all the other decades?-TheJJoseph91