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I thought that I would never be the one to do this, because when I originally made this article I intended for people within the projects to help me on it because obviously I don't know how to read Japanese which is what most site languages would be. I just looked at their discography and time they formed which looked like a prime band from the time period, they released a live album and live video indicating they have toured most likely in their home country. Just please take a look at their discography they have released 6 albums and some other releases and have reformed. I was surprised when I even saw the deletion tag on this article because the ip who did, I get the hunch that he is following me but editing some articles outside the box with similar ips to show that "he's not following me". I am really on a wikibreak but I wanted to make sure this article didn't get deleted without any thought. --CircafuciX (talk) 14:30, 11 December 2007 (UTC)